Wine Barrel
B wine barrel
General Information
Type: Collectible


Wine Barrel is a Collectible item. It can be used in the Mayor's House to create Collections.

Obtaining Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels can be found on the Home Island starting at level 22. Finding one Wine Barrel collectible on your Home Island can add 2 to 5 Wine Barrels to your Storehouse.

They can also be traded with other players using the Trade Office.


Wine Barrels are required in the completion of the following collections:

Icon Collection Name Provides Requirements Time
C buff fur festival Hunting Contest x5 Butcher Productivity
for 6 hours
ResCSS 20 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 4 ResCSS 3
10 mins
or ResCSS 137
C buff miracle bait Miracle Bait x5 Fisherman Productivity
for 6 hours
ResCSS 20 ResCSS 10
ResCSS 4 ResCSS 3
10 mins
or ResCSS 131
C buff masterstookit Master's Toolkit x2 Epic Woodyard
Productivity for 6 hours
ResCSS 50 ResCSS 4
ResCSS 10 ResCSS 6
1 hour
or ResCSS 422
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