Update 16/Aug/2012

  1. Garrison Sliders no longer allow going over maximum troops for that garrison.
  2. Guild Quests and sub guild quests added to Quest List.
  3. New interface in the Quest List.
  4. Building Moving now implemented.

Announced updates:

  • Economy overview (approx. Aug). Can be tested on (Friday 27th of July).
  • New trade system (approx. Sept). As every feature this had to go through several QA stage gates. Our tests showed that the new trade system produced some issues if under heavy server load. Therefore we had to delay the new trade system for a few weeks.
  • Combat prediction (approx. Sept)
  • New tutorial and quest chains for all levels & new help window (approx. Sept). This will be huge! We promise that this is a game changing feature, you will be excited
  • Fix for the online display of friends
  • New info window including change log, in game news, events, etc. (approx. Nov)
  • Mercenaries (approx. Oct). Mercenaries will be troops that you can purchase and use on an adventure island. They are “disposable” which means that they will not return to your homeland once used.
  • Facebook feature (approx. Oct)
  • Economic adventures (approx. Nov)
  • Features for Level 50+: Level cap raise + science system + new buildings (approx. Nov + Dec)
  • Halloween event (Oct)
  • Christmas event (Dec)
  • Estimated for the end of 2012 / 1st quarter of 2013
    • Weekly guild quests
    • Personal guild quests
    • New mail window
    • Filters for the star menu – that will put things in order, finally you can filter away all that stuff away you don’t care about...
    • PVP

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