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Tropical Sun
Tropical sun thumb
A pigeon landed this morning, bringing news from your good friend Lord Walder the Bold. Or is it bald? Anyway, he requested your attention regarding a problem he has. His people live on an island ruled by a fierce pirate leader, but they get along well. Neither hurts the other, peace can be smelled the air. Then two weeks ago an unknown bandit gang appeared from the badlands, and they seem to want the island for themselves. Lord Walder needs your help! I say rally up some of our military forces and pay them a visit. Do you agree?
General Information
Type: Resource
Players: Icon settler 1
Difficulty: Icon skull 4
Duration: Icon clock 2 days
XP: Icon xp 6110


The Tropical Sun adventure first appeared on the Test Server in February 2013. It is a one-player adventure with only nine enemy camps.

It migrated to the main server on 9th May 2013.


The following table shows which troops you should need to bring to the adventure, depending on whether you have a Veteran General or not.

General Type Requirements
TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS

TroopsCSSNormal General

314 162 - 200 - 73 -
Losses 314 - - - - - -
TroopsCSSMaster of Martial Arts 223 200 - 200 - - 81
Losses 223 - - - - - -
TroopsCSSVeteran General 282 200 - 200 - - 69
Losses 282 - - - - - -

Veteran: Using elites and xbows saves you ~32R

Days to complete: 2

Max Players: 1

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSSNormal General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Master of Martial Arts (max. 220 troops)
TroopsCSSVeteran General(max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSSMajor General(max. 270 troops)

No Soldiers Guide

Don't have soldiers yet, then the adventure can still be done.  Looneylou's guide map shows how to do the adventure when your best troop is still Longbowmen.  Click the image on the right to see the guide.

This guide has no blocks, and requires only a Normal General.


Camp Enemy Attack With Losses
Camp 1 TroopsCSS 30,TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 200 0
TroopsCSS 200 0
TroopsCSS 200 0
Camp 2 TroopsCSS 30, TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 21, TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 21
TroopsCSS 17, TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 17
TroopsCSS 21, TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 21
Camp 3 TroopsCSS 20, TroopsCSS 1, TroopsCSS 20TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 75, TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 75
TroopsCSS 36, TroopsCSS 184 TroopsCSS 36
TroopsCSS 50, TroopsCSS 200 TroopsCSS 50

Extra bonus sub-Quest:  You simply need to click on the three pirate ships around the island.
As you click on them, they will disappear.

Camp 4

TroopsCSS 40, TroopsCSS 50

27R 100S [SAME](25R,195S) 27R(25R)
Camp 5

TroopsCSS 20, TroopsCSS 40, TroopsCSS 40

Wave 1: 26R [SAME](20R,200S)

Wave 2: 200C [SAME](None)

Camp 6

TroopsCSS 50, TroopsCSS 40

43R, 157S [43R 200S](27R,193S) 43R(27R)
Camp 7

TroopsCSS 60, TroopsCSS 30

37R, 100S [37R 200S](24R,196S) 37R(24R)
Camp 8

TroopsCSS 60, TroopsCSS 30


or 43R,1S,121C,35XB

[40R 1S 140C 69LB]



or 43R



Camp 9

TroopsCSS 50, TroopsCSS 30, TroopsCSS 1

38R 162S [38R 200S](33R,187S) 38R(33R)
Total Expected Losses

314R or 311

[282R or 249R]





The following bandits are found in the Tropical Sun adventure.

Bbox scavenger

Bbox ranger

Bbox dog

Bbox caltrops

Bbox posc

Bbox knifethrower

Bbox crazy cook

Bbox sabrerattler

Bbox gunman

Bbox roughneck

Bbox thug

Bbox skunk


The adventure has six subquests, for 750 XP:

  • Icon xp 100 : Clear the way to the Pirate Leader's camp.
  • Icon xp 200 : Enter the Pirate Leader's compound and defeat him and his troops
  • Icon xp 100 : Head to the badlands and clear the remaining pirate camps!
  • Icon xp 50 : Send your scouts along the island coast to find the pirate ships
  • Icon xp 100 : Defeat all three bandit camps at the wall.
  • Icon xp 200 : Fight your way inside the leader's camp and flush him out!

Note that the 5th sub-quest is automatically completed when the 6th objective is met, so you don't need to remove all three bandit camps at the wall in order to get all the experience points.

To complete the third subquest, you simply need to click on the three pirate ships around the island. As you click on them, they will disappear.

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