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Traitors Adventure
Units Required: 1,398R / 191C / 101S / 104LB (1794 total)
Units [Vet]: *[516R / 105M / 336C / 130S / 58LB / 110XB]
Days to complete: 3

The map takes a huge amount of Recruit losses when you first start playing adventures but for a decent amount of resources in return.

As you level up it will become less useful and while you'll get a lot of them from short adventure searches it's not one of the better maps to be spending your time on.

While not as good an XP to loss ratio as Witch of the Swamp, Dark Priests, etc it is a pretty simple map for lower level players.

Once you outgrow the map it can be worthwhile trading it for harder and more rewarding adventures in the trade system.

High loss & rewards but low XP (8710).

Sector Enemy Attack With Losses
Transfer North till adjacent to Sector 1 Leader Camp avoiding unnecessary battles.
Sector1 60 Longbow, 40 Soldier

29R, 1S, 157C, 13LB

[25R, 195C, 1S, 29LB]




Transfer SE closer to the next Sector's bases.

Note: If you abort at this point, You'll get 1960 XP for the loss of  25R + 1S or [20R]. 

Sector2 60 Longbow, 60 Soldier

55R, 1S, 75C, 69LB

[44R, 159C, 1S, 46LB]



40 Militia, 40 Cav, 60 Longbow, 20 Soldier

W1: 128R

W2: 8R, 1S, 191C

[130R, 60M, 60S]

128R +G



60 Militia, 60 Cavalry, 60 Soldier

W1: 166R

W2: 51R, 1S, 148C

(There's a 50% chance you can clear the camp with just 200R)(W2: 4R 5S 191C)

[150R, 40M, 60S]

166R +G




100 Longbow, 60 Soldier

84R 1S 115C

[37R, 4S, 40M, 169C] or

[50R, 140C, 60XB]


[37R, 7M]


Alternate Sector 2

Set up Vet General and 2 regular generals as shown the in image right after killing camp 2. Vet Gen has 49R, 142C, 1S, 58LB. G1 has 120S. G2 has 194C. Send Vet to attack camp 5 (leader) and then immediately send G1 to attack camp 4 and G2 to attack camp 3 in that order. The two regular generals will be fighting for a long time which will allow the Vet to kill the leader camp before the other battles are finished. Result is that neither regular general takes any losses at all.

This seems not to work anymore, be careful.


Note: Map is wrong! move East to be closer to Camp 2

Finally move to the East most area of the next front and attack in the order 2, 1, 3. A Vet can kill the first two camps in one wave each, and the final camp can be killed in two waves with a Vet.

Note: Map is wrong!

*I have not checked the VET options.

Sector3 (2)

100 Longbow, 100 Soldier

157R / 68R, 1S, 128C, 3LB

*[75M, 30S, 45C, 100XB] or

[110R, 40M, 40LB, 60XB]

157R +G / 68R

*[53M, 12S]

[110R, 33M, 35LB]


50 Cavalry, 150 Soldier

200R / 95R, 1S, 104LB

[75R, 30M, 10S, 75C, 60XB] or

[60R/ 80R, 24M 1S, 145XB]

200 +G / 95R

[75R, 30M, 9S, 75C]



Robin, Bertha, 60 Cav, Long & Soldier

88R / 200R / 99R, 101S

*W1: 175R

*W2: [150R, 100S]

88R +G / 200R +G / 88R

*175R +G


NB!! With a Master of Martial Arts and a Normal General you can do Traitors with: 876R, 160S, 200C. and 120 XB. Losses will be 876R, 35S and 1 Norm. Gen. if you choose to take out all camps. You can skip the first three camps in sector 1, this will reduce your losses by 118R at a cost of less earned xp

Traitors rewards

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