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Trade Office
Trade office
Your gate to the whole wide world. With this monumental building you are allowed to trade with other players.
General Information
Size: 2x2 2x2
Type: Unique
Level 1: ResCSS 200 ResCSS 200


The Trade Office is a vital building that needs to be built in order to trade with other players.


Available to build at level 17, this enables both direct trading with friends and resource trading on the open market.

You may only place one Trade Office.

The Trade Office does not gain any proximity bonus to a Storehouse and should be placed somewhere out of the way on your island as you never have to interact with it once it's built.

Resources Produces Consumed Cycle Construction
ResCSS 200  ResCSS 200   N/A N/A N/A 10 min

The Trade Office Deed can be purchased from the Store for ResCSS 450. This allows players of any level to place a Trade Office, thus allowing lower-level players to access trade.


It cannot be upgraded.

Building Movement Costs

Level Gems Resources Required
1 ResCSS 2 ResCSS 50 ResCSS 50
2 N/A N/A
3 N/A N/A
4 N/A N/A
5 N/A N/A
6 N/A N/A


Trade office
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