Now that the tavern is finished, we should think about the next step. Do you remember that you can hire specialists there? With a click on the tavern, you can see which specialists are available. Go and purchase a geologist!


To Hire Specialists is a quest received at Level 5.  It is a subquest of the Stone Production quest.


The quest has two goals:


When completed, you will receive Icon xp 30 and ResCSS 50.


When you click on the Tavern, you will be able to purchase a Geologist from the menu. The first geologist costs 100 Gold Coins.

After buying the geologist, you will get the following message:

You can find your purchased specialists in the star menu. You can have multiple specialists of one kind, but the allocation of specialists you can hire from the tavern is limited. When it is exhausted, you have to get additional ones from the merchant.

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