The Young Follower
NPC Istvan
Hello my lord. I am Istvan, one of your young followers, and I need your help. The weather has been terribly dry lately, and thus our crop harvest was poor last year. We don't have enough food to last us until the next harvest. Please, help us.
General Information
Type: Main Quest
XP: Icon xp 22,000
Completion: 4 Subquests


The Young Follower is a Main Quest, which was introduced to the game on Thursday 13th February 2014.


The following rewards are provided when all the subquests have been completed.

Icon Name
Buff scarecrow Helpful Scarecrow
Buff xp 10000 ResCSS 10,000 XP


Subquest Requirements Reward
Debris ResCSS 3,000
Plowing Materials ResCSS 5,000
ResCSS 500
Wait and See ResCSS 3,000
Basic Amount ResCSS 3,000

Plowing Materials

We don't have enough tools and utensils left to plow the complete area.  It would be a great help if you could help us find the materials to do so.  Here, I made a note of everything we need.

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