This page will keep you updated about what's happening on the wiki, and in the game.

Latest News

Event Date Details
25 Nov 2013 Following almost 10 days of problems and lack of connectivity, the Test Server is finally back up and running. Many players, however, are still reporting 'Zone Errors' which prevent them from logging into the server.

On the Wiki

Event Date Details
Jan‑Feb 2014 Kryptos901 has been working on some excellent Production Chains guides, which will enormously help new players to understand how to balance their resource production.

Current and Upcoming In-Game Events

The events below are in reverse date order (most recent first)

Event Date Details
13 Feb 2014 It is expected that the Buddy's Valentine Surprise will appear following maintenance, although no announcement has yet been made.
9 Jan 2014 The Christmas Event ended.
12 Dec 2013 The Christmas Event will start, and run until 9th Jan 2014.[1]
28 Nov 2013 Limited Offers will return to the Merchant Chest. For just 2 weeks, a number of special items will be available from the Offers tab.[2]
28 Nov 2013 Maintenance this week is also expected to bring in an update to the guild menu. This will allow guild leaders to pass responsibility for certain tasks onto other members, meaning that the day-to-day running of the guild can continue if the leader takes a break. These new rights include: Invite/kick players, Edit Guild News, and Cancel Guild Quest.[3]


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  3. German Game Forum: Changelog for 26th Nov 2013

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