The Painter
A painter has arrived from a far away island. He claims to be the best wall painter in the kingdom, but I've never heard of him. However, we might be able to use him to our advantage. He can paint walls, you see? We could have him decorate some of the interiors of our residences. Imagine how grateful our settlers will be! Make sure you provide the painter with everything he needs!
General Information
Type: Guild Quest


The Painter is a Guild Quest.

Guild quests need to be completed by around 75% of the members of the guild, with each member completing a different subquest depending on their level.


As for any guild quest, the sub-quest and requirements vary, depending on the level of the guild member who is completing it. The table below shows the subquest and requirements for each level range.

Sub-quest Level Range Requirements
Impossible Art 19-25
Copper Brush 26-35
Show Off 36-45
The pretentious man 46-50

Impossible Art

The painter claims that he can paint on marble. I'll believe it when I see it. One of the lords from our island owns a house completely built from marble, but the painting still requires some modifications. He's asked us to provide him with some good quality marble that he can use in case there are any… unfortunate accidents.

I still don't believe that he can actually paint marble. But he seems to be sure he can. Anyway, good job!

Copper brush

The painter tells me he uses a special kind of brush made from copper, and even makes paint from copper.  Don't ask me how he does it.  All you need to know is that he wants us to provide him with some copper ore, and we're going to do just that.

The pretentious man

It seems that this wall painting business requires a lot of weird things. For example, one of the painter's projects requires coins and marble. Can you believe that? He's going to use coins to decorate the walls! Heavens… Let's get him some coins then.

We gave the man the coins. He is indeed using them to decorate the walls. Well… at least our nobles are happy about it.

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