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The Nords Adventure
Units Required:

675R 425M 200C 165LB (1465 total)

Expected Losses:

674R 414M 18C (1106 total)

Days to complete: 8


The best adventure for its ratio of very low losses for huge XP gain. Rarely got through Explorer Searches and expensive to buy with Gems in the Store.


The first sector contains two ways up to the leader camp.

Within [ square brackets ] are Veteran numbers.

Within { curly braces } are numbers for the Master of Martial Arts.


Enemy Attack With Expected Losses
Watch out for the wolves in sector 1 8R 190S 8R
Sector 1 100 Karl, 50 Valkyrie

10R 15M 40C 135LB

[119C 130XB 1S]

{75C 145XB}

10R 13M



75 Valkyrie, 50 Karl

3R 97C 100LB

[125C 124XB 1S]


50 Housecarl, 100 Thrall

15R 25M 30C 130LB

[1S 249XB]

15R 25M 11C


50 Thrall, 50 Housecarl, 25 Valkyrie

15R 10M 40C 135LB

[50C 200XB]

{34C 186XB}

15R 7M



50 Valkyrie, 75 Housecarl, 5 Berserk

25R 12M 60C 103LB

[6R 1S 65C 178XB]

{17C 203XB}

25R 10M



Move General
Sector 2

50 Housecarl, 75 Karl

50R 12M 138LB

50R 6M

50 Valkyrie, 50 Housecarl, 50 Karl

15R 25M 30C 130LB

15R 25M 7C

50 Valkyrie, 50 Housecarl

12R 58C 130LB


50 Valkyrie, 100 Housecarl, 10 Jomviking

55M 55C 90LB


Sector 3 Attack the second camp in sector 4 to get intercepted by target camp, retreat as soon as battle finishes

75 Valkyrie


Attack the first camp in sector 4 to get intercepted by target camp, retreat as soon as battle finishes
50 Housecarl, 50 Valkyrie, 20 Jomviking, 15 Beserk 40R 15M 50C 95LB 40R 6M
Move General
Sector 4 75 Housecarl, 50 Karl 40R 15M 145LB 40R 14M
120 Housecarl 75M 125LB


100 Housecarl, 50 Karl, 20 Jomvking, 15 Beserk 200R / 60R 45M 95LB 200R / 60R 40M
Move General.
Sector 5 150 Karl 35M 165LB 30M
150 Housecarl 75M 125LB 74M
150 Valkyrie 200C 0

120 Housecarl, 30 Berserk, 50 Jomviking

200R / 95M 105LB

200R / 92M


The following bandits are found in the Nords adventure.

Bbox gray wolf

Bbox karl

Bbox thrall

Bbox jomsviking

Bbox housecarl

Bbox valkyrie

Bbox berserker


Nords rewards
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