The Mirror Ponds is a Guild Quest.

Guild quests need to be completed by around 75% of the members of the guild, with each member completing a different subquest depending on their level.

"Lady Amidale from the neighbouring Kingdom wishes to hire your guild
in order to build her a replica of the world famous Mirror Ponds.
This definitely requires a lot of preparation, but your guild can be
sure that she will be most grateful when admiring her face in the ponds."


As for any guild quest, the sub-quest and requirements vary, depending on the level of the guild member who is completing it.  The table below shows the subquest and requirements for each level range.

Sub-quest Level Range Requirements
Manpower 19-25
  • Pay ResCSS 220 from your storage,
  • Own 100 TroopsCSS
Every Morning 26-35
  • Pay ResCSS 220 from your storage,
  • Produce enough Lonely Marble Blocks to obtain 100 Marble.
The Clearest Reflection 36-45
  • Pay ResCSS 280 from your storage,
  • Use 2500 BuffCSSto refill a deposit.
Filling The Ponds 46-50
  • Pay ResCSS 3300 from your storage,
  • Buy ResCSS 1000 from other players.

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