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The Lost Skull
A letter from King Damien arrived this morning. We are to travel to Skull Island and stop a bunch of young pirates finding a lost treasure! I'll tell you more about it all when we arrive! Off we go to Skull Island!
General Information
Type: Experience
Players: Icon settler 1
Difficulty: Icon skull 2
Duration: Icon clock 2 days
XP: Icon xp 3,020


Units Required:

270R, 40M, 100S, 181C

283R 140S 185C

Units Required with 250 General: 180R, 180S, 240C

If you're having trouble getting Soldiers, they can be replaced with Militia. Confused? See "What do these letters mean?" There's a quest within the adventure that awards 300 experience. After beating the first camp, the quest appears. Simply click on the four ruins located in the North, South, East, and West on the map, to complete the quest. Be sure to claim the reward in the questbook.

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSS Normal General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Battle-Hardened General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Veteran General (max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSS Major General (max. 270 troops)
TroopsCSS Master of Martial Arts (max. 220 troops)


Below is a guide to attacking the camps in the adventure. Note that these numbers are provided only as a guide, and care should always be taken, as in-game values or attack paths can change at any time.

Sector  Enemy Attack With Average Losses
Sector 1 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 120 TroopsCSS 18 TroopsCSS 181 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 14
TroopsCSS 14 TroopsCSS 185 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 14
TroopsCSS 10 TroopsCSS 240 TroopsCSS 6
TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 219 None

Find all ancient ruins and explore them (by clicking on each of them)

TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 120 TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 49
TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 140 TroopsCSS 46-53
TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 180 TroopsCSS 47-53
TroopsCSS 47 TroopsCSS 173 TroopsCSS 34-47
Sector 2 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 140 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 67
TroopsCSS 75 TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 59-70
TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 180 TroopsCSS 60
TroopsCSS 63 TroopsCSS 157 TroopsCSS 48-63
TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 140 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 128
TroopsCSS 134 TroopsCSS 66 TroopsCSS 125-130
TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 220 TroopsCSS 17
TroopsCSS 21 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 198 TroopsCSS 15-21
Total Expected Losses TroopsCSS 258
TroopsCSS 251
TroopsCSS 130
TroopsCSS 97-131


The following bandits are found in The Lost Skull adventure.

Bbox caltrops

Bbox deckscrubber

Bbox knifethrower

Bbox sabrerattler

Bbox posc

Bbox gunman

Bbox crazy cook


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