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Units Required: 590R 192C 178S 35LB
Units Required with Veteran General:

550R 180S 245C 60XB

Days to complete: 2
  • Note: This is an optional choice in regards to the attack on sector 3, 3rd camp. The difference is that if player decide to kill the camp with two waves (37R/5R,245C) instead of one wave (10R,220C,20XB) the player will suffer no cavalry loss. (One wave attack would results in 8-9C deaths.)

Rather low XP is off putting (and you seem to get a lot of these from basic Adventure searches) but the high resources gained for an early adventure with average losses makes its good staple map when no others are available. This adventure map is the most ideal adventure to get exotic wood and granite, with a chance of getting Motherly Love, an adventure that also gives high amount of exotic wood and granites as rewards.

Less Than 500 Recruit Losses Quest

If you are going for this Quest the simple solution is to replace the first round attack of 118R in the final battle with 77Recruits and 34Militia.


With the altering in pathing the attack on the 100 caltrop forest trap can now be done by directly attacking it rather than the old distracting technique. Prior to the update you had to attack the camp next to it and retreat after the distraction.


More filterable results for Island of the Pirates.

Sector Enemy Attack With [vet] Loss
Sector1 TroopsCSS 100, TroopsCSS 50 9R 1S 190C [10R 240C] 8-9R [1-2R]
TroopsCSS 100, TroopsCSS 50 41R 159S [Same](Optional Bowmen, see note below) 35-40R

TroopsCSS 50, TroopsCSS 50,

TroopsCSS 100

89R 111S [110R, 140S] 80-84R [67R]

TroopsCSS 60, TroopsCSS 60,

TroopsCSS 60

53R 147S [Same](Optional Bowmen, see note below) 41-50R

TroopsCSS 40, TroopsCSS 40,

TroopsCSS 40

45R 155S [Same](Optional Bowmen, see note below) 37-45R

TroopsCSS 2, TroopsCSS 80,

TroopsCSS 80

49R 151S [Same](Optional Bowmen, see note below) 40-45R
Sector3 TroopsCSS 90, TroopsCSS 90 58R 142S [70R, 180S] 46R [45]
TroopsCSS 100 23R 177S [70R, 180S] 23R [16]
TroopsCSS 100, TroopsCSS 30, TroopsCSS 40 Wave One: 37R [10R,220C, 20 XB] Vet Kills camps

Wave Two: 7R 1S 192C [5R, 245C]

Wave One: 37R [7R,8-9C]

Wave Two: 6R [0]

TroopsCSS 100, TroopsCSS 70 49R 151S [same](Optional Bowmen, see note below) 37R
If you are going for the "Less Than 500 Recruit Losses Quest" replace the first round attack of 118R with 77R, 34M or 90R, 24M if using vet.
Final Camp TroopsCSS 10, TroopsCSS 1,

TroopsCSS 100, TroopsCSS 70

Wave One: 118R [same, use reg gen.]

Wave Two: 14R 1S 150C 35LB [10R, 20S, 160C, 60XB]

Wave One: 118R

Wave Two: 14R [6R]

Expected Losses: 

544R [510R,9C]

[Same]=no improvement in regards to losses even using Vet General.

Note (Optional Bowmen): This option is available to those who are willing to sacrifice bowmen to save some recruites. To do that you need to use the same amount of R and S as indicated above, but with a Vet General and extra 50bowmen (or any amount of bowmen you like) to these camps. If the player decide to use extra 50 bowmen at all of the indicated camps, he/she can save roughly 60R and in exchange, loose about 120B. It can be useful for those who are low on bronze swords but have a huge stockpile of bows and brews. 


The following bandits are found in The Island of the Pirates adventure.

Bbox caltrops

Bbox deckscrubber

Bbox knifethrower

Bbox sabrerattler

Bbox posc

Bbox gunman

Bbox crazy cook


Island pirates rewards
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