The Hammer Brothers
Today we've received two guests from an island called Booth, sent by King damien himself. They seem to be brothers, and are trying out a new way of building a sort of underground tunnel system called 'sewers'. I've no idea why is that a good thing. Help them with their first experiment.
General Information
Type: Guild Quest
Guild Size: 36-55 Members


The Hammer Brothers is a Guild Quest.  It may be obtained by active members of a guild that has between 36 and 55 members.

Guild quests need to be completed by around 75% of the members of the guild, with each member completing a different subquest depending on their level.


10-18 ResCSS 5 ResCSS 34
19-25 ResCSS 7 ResCSS 49
26-35 ResCSS 9 ResCSS 63
36-45 ResCSS 11 ResCSS 77
46-50 ResCSS 13 ResCSS 91

Rewards from guild quests are provided as Guild Coins.

When each guild member completes their own individual subquest, they will receive the subquest reward.

The main Guild Quest requires that a certain number of guild members complete their own subquest. When this number has been reached, then all guild members will receive the greater reward for Quest Completion.

The number of Guild Coins received for both the subquest and the main Guild Quest, is dependent on the level of the individual guild member. The table on the right shows the rewards for each level range.


As for any guild quest, the sub-quest and requirements vary, depending on the level of the guild member who is completing it.  The table below shows the subquest and requirements for each level range.

Sub-quest Level Range Requirements
Foreign Food 10-18
Safe Guarding 19-25
  • Have an army of 50 or more units.
  • Pay ResCSS 80 Tools from your storage.
Additional Training 26-35
Cleaning Tunnels 26-35
Weird Tools 36-45
Loud Work 46-50

Cleaning Tunnels

The brothers managed to dig some tunnels, but apparently they also want to clean them. That's going to require quite a lot of water...

Weird Tools

The brothers will need some strong tools so they can dig properly. I suggest you provide them with some iron, and let them make their own weird tools.

They welcomed the iron and have left to make new tools!

+ The amount of required water varies per player. It's unknown, depending of what. (It was 4.200 for me.)

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