The Betrayed Little Tailor
Adv betrayed little tailor infobox
Though the little tailor has reconciled with his sons, new problems have arisen.

A greedy inn-keeper has stolen the magical items his sons received from their masters.
Once again, he needs your help to get them back.

General Information
Type: Fairytale
Players: Icon settler 3
Difficulty: Icon skull 10
Duration: Icon clock 12 days


The Betrayed Little Tailor is a follow-up fairytale adventure, which is found as a possible reward in the loot from The Sons of the Little Tailor adventure.

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSS Normal General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Battle-Hardened General (max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Veteran General (max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSS Major General (max. 270 troops)


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There are a number of subquests during this adventure, yet none of them provide any extra reward.

Subquest Name Requirements & Completion Details
Son in Distress Unknown Thank you for assisting me once again, old friend!
A greedy inn-keeper has tricked my two youngest sons and stolen our wishing table and the gold-producing donkey.
I fear he may try to get the cudgel-in-a-bag too.
Will you join me looking after my oldest son? Once I'm sure he's well, we can starting making a plan for getting our stuff back.
Simply clear the first sector.
The Assassin Defeat the Assassin in the bandit leader camp! Oh no - the inn-keeper has hired an assassin! How cruel. This guy will soon see what an angry father is capable of, but for now we need to stop the assassin!
Alright, my son is safe now. Next, let's make a plan about how to deal with the inn-keeper.
Clear the second sector
Retrieving the Cudgel Defeat all wildlife caves on the way to the village! I'm so relieved my sons are safe now, but those thugs managed to steal the cudgel before we arrived. We need to get it back - I want use it on that mean inn-keeper. Lets follow them to the village. Maybe we can overtake them.
Well done - we have the cudgel back, and the inn-keeper's tavern is already in sight.
Clear the third sector
The First Encounter Defeat the greedy inkkeper in the tavern. We are very close to him. Soon he will get to know the little cudgel he wanted to steal!
Let's move on to the tavern.
Yeah, that was one hell of a fight!
Clear the fourth sector
The Chase Defeat the bandit camps and wildlife caves on the way to the innkeeper's residence! Oh how I do love this cudgel, but sadly he managed to escape, and our stuff is not even here. I'm guessing he's hidden it in his overly luxurious mansion in the north-east. Let's visit him there and demand he return what is ours.
Clear the fifth sector
The Final Encounter Defeat the greedy innkeeper in his residence! By the looks of the grim-looking welcoming party around his mansion, I'm guessing he wont give up our stuff without a fight.
That was fabulous! That greedy guy will not cheat anyone again soon.
Clear the final sector


The following bandits are found in The Betrayed Little Tailor adventure.

Bbox roughneck

Bbox ranger

Bbox dog

Bbox boar

Bbox furious boar

Bbox assassin

Bbox ft wolf

Bbox fox

Bbox wolf packleader

Bbox bear

Bbox ft giant

Bbox giant bear

Bbox metal tooth

Bbox innkeeper


Slot 1 Slot 2 + 3 Slot 4 + 5 + 6 + 7

670 ResCSS (99.5%)
100 ResCSS (0.5%)

500 ResCSS (23.6%)
2,000 ResCSS (1.4%)
500 ResCSS (23.6%)
2,000 ResCSS (1.4%)
500 ResCSS (23.6%)
2,000 ResCSS (1.4%)
500 ResCSS (23.6%)
2,000 ResCSS (1.4%)

1 BuffCSS (33.3%)
1 BuffCSS (33.3%)
250 Refill universal (33.3%)

Slot 8

up to
82,520 ResCSS
or up to 207 ResCSS

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