The Test Server is a special game server that anyone can join, in which new and upcoming features are tested before they go into the live game on all international servers.

It is not designed for playing - in fact, each player's account is regularly reset back to the start.  Most players would find this horribly frustrating and therefore avoid the test server. Despite this it is a good place to think out tactics for upcomming releases and may prove to be useful when playing on the regular server.

Unique Features

Currently, the following features can only be found on the Test Server:

Epic Woodyard Allows you to set up to three of the wood production buildings in one single large building.
Chant of Focus Triples the output of the Epic Woodyard for eight hours.
Range of Epic Items A new variety of Epic Items is available at the Store.

Accessing the Test Server

To get started on the Test Server, simply go to and create an account.

The server also has it's own forums, primarily used to report any bugs with the features being tested. You cannot buy Gems. Instead you will be given an X amount of Resources at the beginning (and after each reset!) This includes Gems.

Starting a Game

The start of a game on the Test Server can vary wildly. Sometimes, you may get a normal start, as you would on any other server. Other times, you may find a pre-built, if inefficient, Home Island and as you start, receive an in-game mail containing a pile of Gems and XP which will advance you to a higher level.

Currently, you can expect a pre-built island and to start at level 50 with plenty of gems.

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