The Wholesale section of the Store is is where you find bulk resource and productivity buffs useful but not necessary at the start of the game at the cost of Gems.

These boosts help the player to make the early parts of the game move quickly but in the long term they are just a drop in the ocean and a pretty wasteful use of Gems.

Unit Gems Description
Starter Pack ResCSS 200 ResCSS 400 ResCSS 400 ResCSS 100 ResCSS 20
Old Wooden Floor ResCSS 325 ResCSS 500
Landslide Leftovers ResCSS 375 ResCSS 500
Toolbox ResCSS 275 ResCSS 500
Cheese Sandwich ResCSS 50 Settlers are generated in 1 min. 30 sec. during a period of 10 min.
Brew Barrel ResCSS 195 ResCSS 500
Coal ResCSS 300 ResCSS 500
Marble ResCSS 625 ResCSS 500
Deck of Titanium ResCSS 490 ResCSS 500
Fresh Hardwood ResCSS 325 ResCSS 500
Hardwood Planks ResCSS 500 ResCSS 500
Exotic Wood ResCSS 495 ResCSS 500
Exotic Wood Planks ResCSS 795 ResCSS 500
Granite ResCSS 995 ResCSS 500

In the long run this whole section of the store is an incredible waste of precious gems that can be saved up instead for higher powered and longer lasting items.

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