The Black Market section of the Store is is where you find High Level Professionals and Productivity Buffs at the cost of Gems or Map Fragments.

Some of the professionals here are incredibly useful but extremely costly too. As with other highpowered and expensive items they were originally very afforable items during one of the Special Events and at this time it is unknown if those events will come around yearly and give the same options.

Icon Unit / Item Gems/Maps Description
General Veteran Veteran General ResCSS 4,999 250 Troops, +50% Travel speed and recovery
General BHG Battle Hardened General ResCSS 1,250 +50% Travel speed and recovery
Geologist Jolly Geo Jolly Geologist ResCSS 300 +50% Search speed
Explorer Savage Scout Savage Scout ResCSS 995 +50% Search speed
Buff foreign settler family Foreign Settler Family ResCSS 95 +10 Settlers
Buff love potion Love Potion ResCSS 195 200% population growth for 12 hours
Buff exotic fruit basket Exotic Fruit Basket ResCSS 99 3x output for 12 hours
Buff Red Flying Settler Red Flying Settler ResCSS 199 3x output for 24 hours
Buff choc rabbit Chocolate Rabbit ResCSS 125 2x output for 12 hours
Buff dirty toolbox Dirty Toolbox ResCSS 9 ResCSS 500
ResCSS 400
250 Tools
Buff hard plank hulk Hard Plank Hulk ResCSS 9 ResCSS 300 100 Hardwood Planks
Buff chant of focus Chant of Focus ResCSS 200 Triples the output of the Epic Woodyard for eight hours.
Buff marble menhir Marble Menhir ResCSS 9 ResCSS 300 100 Marble
Buff iron monger Iron Monger ResCSS 19 ResCSS 800 100 Iron
Buff counterfeit membership Counterfeit Membership ResCSS 400 +1 Member limit for your Guild
Buff guild member certificate Guild Member Certificate ResCSS 495 +2 Member limit for your Guild
Buff perm building queue slot Permanent Building Queue Slot ResCSS 2,990 +1 Building slot queue

Removed Items

The following items have been available in the 'Black Market' tab in the past, but are currently not available. They may become available again in the future.

Icon Unit / Item Gems/Maps Description
Gems for Friends ResCSS 220 Give 200 gems as a gift to a friend
Luxury Resources Box ResCSS 220 A random luxury resource item
Normal Resources Box ResCSS 160 A random resource item
Mysterious Decoration Box ResCSS 285 A random decoration building
Mysterious Resource Box ResCSS 215 A random buff, resource or refiller

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