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The Architect section of the Store is where you find the premium buildings, the invaluable +10 Building Licences and the handy gift item the Noble Residence Deed. This is all at the cost of Gems.

Some of these buildings are amazingly useful, others are comparatively weak and some stupendously expensive.

Building Gems Description
+10 Building Licences ResCSS 650 Adds ten new building licenses
Noble Residence Deed ResCSS 95 A licence free Noble Residence
Trade Office Deed ResCSS 450 A license free Trade Office
Guild House Deed ResCSS 1,250 A licence free Guild House
Village School ResCSS 750 A Village School
Artesian Well Deed ResCSS 95 A well containing 6,000 units of water
Watermill ResCSS 895 A license free and endless well
Packed Wheatfield Deed ResCSS 95 A license free wheatfield containing 3,000 units of wheat
Silo ResCSS 750 Automatically replenishes any nearby wheatfield
Floating Residence ResCSS 290 A residence that has to be placed on water, that adds 40 population
Recycling Manufactory ResCSS 990 An endless supply of coal without needing input
Friary ResCSS 2,450 Produces Brew at 4x the rate of a Brewery
Endless Copper Mine ResCSS 20,000 Placed upon a copper deposit and provides you with an endless supply of copper ore
Gem Pit ResCSS 20,000 Produces 40,000 Gems over the course of one year then expires
Deerstalker Hut ResCSS 1,995 Provides meat without the need of a meat deposit
Epic Woodyard ResCSS 5,000 Set up to three wood production building under one single roof!
Exotic Wood Tree School ResCSS 1,950 A plantage containing a limited amount of exotic wood trees.

All buildings arrive in your Star Menu when purchased and if demolished most will reappear but NOT everything!

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