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Stealing from the Rich Adventure
Units Required: 1052R / 200C / 188S
Units Required [Vet]: 701R, 240C, 188S
Days to complete: 4

Excellent XP & Rewards but fairly high losses. Watch out for hidden Wolf packs in the forests (many can be avoided but some need dealing with). Also Watchtowers pose zero threat to 200 Cavalry but take many minutes to defeat.

There is an approximate 3% chance that among the rewards for completion  will be 


the White Castle premium item that gives a non upgradable +50 to Population Limit.


Since the new pathing system came in we have reworked the map and actually shaved off a few losses.

Sector Enemy Attack With [Vet](MMA) Expected Losses [Vet]

Move a garrison to far West of the landing area, watch for hidden Wolves marked X.

Sector1 30 Recruit, 40 Bow 1S 199C 0
Attack from same position through this sector into the one to the North.
Sector2 40 Wolves

1R, 40S*

  • To save time one can ignore this attack and directly attack the leader camp with the stated army(below). The general will be intercepted but will not change the outcome of victory of either camps.
Robin, 20 Elite, 20 X, 20 Can

98R, 102S

[190R, 60S]





Place garrison in Sector 2 NW of the Leader camp of Sector 1
Sector1 65 Recruit, 85 Bow

26R, 1S, 173C

[30R, 220C]





Move below wolves and use this position to clear both sector 4 and 5.
Sector4/5 120 Wolves 7R, 120S 7R
85 Recruit, 65 Bowman

37R, 40S, 123C

[30R, 220C]





20 Milita, 60 Longbow

2R, 1S, 197C [30S, 220C]


2R [0]


40 Milita, 40 Longbow

19R, 1S, 180C

[10R, 240C]





Robin, 40 Milita, 40 Longbow

138R, 62S

[210R, 40S]





Move to East of sector, note wolf packs, and attack down the avenue to the watchtowers with 200C without losses or the need to retreat.
Sector6 140 Wolves 9R, 188S 9R
TroopsCSS 30 x2 78C 0
Robin, 50 Long, 50 Soldier


[130R, 120S]


W2: 28R, 172S


[125R] (105R)

W2: 13R

TroopsCSS 30 x2 78C 0
Robin, 30 Cav, 40 Long, 30 Sol

137R, 63S

[110R, 140S]





* Note you can avoid the wolfpack if you clear the last pair of towers by attacking the final Leader and getting distracted, but for the sake of 9R it's hardly worth it.
For some reason doing the previous sector first allows you to place your garrison higher up in this Sector, even before you finished it.
Sector3 60 Milita, 20 Longbow

41R, 1S, 139C, 19LB or 34R, 5S, 161C

[33R, 217C]





40 Milita, 40 Longbow

31R, 1S, 164C, 4LB or 18R, 1S, 181C

[30R, 220C]





Robin, 40 Milita, 40 Cavalry

101R, 99S

[90R, 160S]





Position garrison above sector, take out hidden wolves then the 4 guard towers with 200C for zero losses and no need to retreat when you attack them.
Sector7 200 Wolves 13R, 187S 13R
TroopsCSS 15 x 4 95C 0
Big Bertha, 50 Cav, 50 Longbow, 50 Soldier


[130R, 120S]


W2: 17R, 183S

W1: 176R

[121R] (101R)

W2: 13R

Total Expected Losses >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>




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