During certain periods of the year the Settlers celebrate a variety of special events with highly rewarding adventures, daily gifts and amazingly powerful items for dirt cheap prices.

During the event, an event currency is added for collection and traded for powerful new Buffs, Buildings, Professionals and other Items. Past examples are: Footballs, Pumpkins, Easter Eggs and Presents.

ResCSS European Championship 2012 Event

A Soccer-themed event that began on Wednesday 6th June 2012, the Settlers engaged in football field battles for 90 Footballs and a huge whack of XP per Adventure. Also, 12 balls were given for a minor daily quest during the event.

The 6 Matches all took the form of a large football field-shaped island with huts in typical formations with Defenders, Strikers and Midfielders in them, mirroring Recruits, Cavalry and Soldiers respectively. The final location is the goal mouth with a special camp that always included a difficult combination of regular troops and a single Goal Keeper with Boss-like splash damage.

Players of level 26-32 could play normal versions of the maps, with a new one delivered on completion of the previous one. Above level 32 players received a hard version with more XP but the same 90 Footballs. For 100 gold any player could buy an additional copy of the Hard or Normal Map in the store to replay that map for extra XP (1,200 Gold Pieces would buy them all, and over 150,000 additional XP was possible)

The big rewards were: The Friary and +5 Building Licenses.

ResCSS Easter Event

The Easter Event ran from Thursday 12th April 2012 until Thursday 3rd May 2012, and from Thursday 21st March 2013 until Thursday 11th April 2013.

12 Easter Eggs could be gained each day for a trivial Quest, in the style of a Daily Quest, and buckets more from completing Easter Egg hunts on various islands.

The Eggs could be collected and traded for some powerful items. The big rewards in 2012 were: a 250 Troop General, Experienced Explorer and the WaterMill.  In 2013, the Veteran General and Experienced Explorer were available again, and also up to five Floating Residences could be purchased.

An amusing Decoration was also introduced: The Raving Rabbit Statue that uttered it's trademark screech when clicked.

ResCSS Halloween Event

The currency was the Pumpkin. Old Pumpkins are much sought-after in the players trade channel and their value there outstrips the disposal value in the Provision House, which converts the Present to Gold Coins.

The big rewards were: The Grim Reaper General in 2011, the Grim Reaper General and 3X Silos in 2012.

ResCSS Christmas Event



During the Christmas Event, the currency is the Christmas Present. Old Presents are much sought-after in the players trade channel and their value there outstrips the disposal value in the Provision House, which converts the Present to Gold Coins.

The big rewards in 2012 were:

During the 2013 Christmas Event, the following also became available:

ResCSS Anniversary Event

The Anniversary Event was a special event to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first Settlers game.  It ran from 27th June 2013 until 23rd July 2013, and involved the collection and donation of Balloons as a race against other servers worldwide to receive the best rewards.

ResCSS Red Nose Day Event

The Red Nose Day Event coincides with Red Nose Day in each country. It has currently only ever appeared on the German server in November 2013.

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