Sons of the Veld Adventure
Units Required:

3,938R / 129M / 192S / 150LB / 420C

Days to complete: 8

Since this is a very tough map and will take several days to complete you should be expecting to clear 1-2 Sectors per day and be building troops 24hours a day for 3-4days (a Barracks upgraded to level 3 is adequate but level 4 or 5 makes a huge difference to production times).

  1. Make sure you have the resources for Bronze, Iron & Steel Swords, Horses and Brew before you begin. Preparation will help enormously and be aware of what troops you need to build over night so you can hit the next sector running.
  2. Double check all second wave hits with the Combat Simulator .. while my garrison attacks should clear them the variable amount of enemies left mean you can tweak and save costly units.
  3. Another useful tactic is to leave attacks that injure your General for your last attack of the day or when you can be afk for 4 hours.


While the majority of the information is correct there are a few problems with the images and numbering.. also new pathing IS an issue so check the camps before you attack. This will be fixed the next time i do the map.

Pretty simple sector, just take out the necessary camps to get to the leaders.

Army: 560R / 5M / 119S / 115LB / 101C R401 E145 C183
Transport: G1(200R) G2(37R 5M 119S 39LB) G3(101C 99R) G4(200R) G5(124R 76LB)
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 80 Thug, 80 Stone 78R, 2S, 90C, 30LB R57 E1 C162
2 100 Scav, 80 Ranger 59R, 1S, 101C, 39LB R36 E1 C183
3 80 Dogs, 80 Rangers 81R, 119S R75 E145
4 Bert, 80 Stone, 50 Thug, 50 Dog 140R, 5M, 55S R121 E99
5 2 Skunk, 100 Thug, 80 Ranger

Wave 1: 200R

Wave 2: 2R, 1S, 82C, 115LB

R112 E108
Losses: (507-555R / 5M / 2-27S) 401R

A fairly straightforward zone, just take out the obvious camps to get to the leaders.

Army: 788R / 25M / 65S / 123C
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 80 Thug, 80 Stone 78R, 2S, 90C, 30LB R57 E1 C162
2 100 Scav, 80 Ranger 59R, 1S, 101C, 39LB R36 E1 C183
3 200 Dogs 200R R39 E181
4 2 Skunk, 100 Thug, 80 Rangers 90R, 25M, 25S, 60C R112 E108
5 Bert, 80 Stone, 50 Thug, 50 Dog

Wave 1: 158R

Wave 2: 12R 65S 123C

R121 E99
6 Bert, Skunk, 60 Thugs, 60 Dogs 110R, 90S R86 E134
Losses: (536-615R / 16-25M / 0-15S)

Pretty simple, position your garrison well and take out the two Leaders, leaving the third for now.

Army: 379R / 26M / 100C / 120S
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 100 Dog, 50 Rough 80R, 120S
2 Skunk, Bert, 50 Ranger, 50 Rough 85R, 23M, 40S, 52C
3 Metal, 60 Dog, 60 Ranger, 60 Rough

Wave 1: 100R, 100C

Wave 2: 113R, 12M, 21S, 54LB

Losses: (335-379R / 0-22M / 100C)

Now we need to clear Sector 4 from 2 angles: directly from the West and from the North through Sector 3.

Army: 623R / 26M / 85S / 100C / 50LB
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 Metal, 60 Dog, Ranger, Rough

Wave 1: 100R 100C 

Wave 2: 114R, 14M, 1S, 71LB

1 Skunk, 2 Bert,50 Dog, 50 Rough 137R, 63S 125R 95S
2 55 Dog, 55 Ranger, 55 Rough 149R, 51S
3 Skunk, Bert, 50 Ranger, 50 Rough 85R, 23M, 40S, 52C
Losses: (507-580R / 0-22S / 0-22M / 100C)

With Sector 4 clear we can make the final strategic strike on Sector 3.

Army: 212R / 188S
Enemy Attack With MMA


Skunk, 2 Bert,50 Dog, 50 Rough

Wave 1: 200R

Wave 2: 12R, 188S

125R 95S
Alternative strike forces

Wave 1: 137R, 63S

Wave 2: 87R, 48M, 65S

Losses: (200-210R)

Use the camp placement and the attack order to clear the area, this avoids getting distracted by Camp 4 when attacking 3.

Another way is to attack camp 3 and get intercepted by camp 4. After winning camp 4 retreat general. It does not work in other order.

Army: 738R / 9M / 150S / 54LB / 90C
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 80 Thug, 80 Ranger 78R, 90C, 32LB 57R 1S 130C 32XB
2 100 Scav, 100 Dog 81R, 119S 70R 150S
3 50 Thugs, 100 Dogs, 60 Rangers 172R, 28S
4 100 Thugs, 80 Dogs, 40 Rangers

Wave 1: 200R

Wave 2: 50R, 150S

5 Metal, 50 Dog, 80 Ranger, 50 Rough

Wave 1: 100C, 100R

Wave 2: 107R, 16M, 15S, 15C, 47LB

Alternative wave 2:125R, 10M, 15C, 50LB

(less Militia losses)

Losses: 691-782R / 100C / 0-3M

The final sector is a little tricky but nothing another massive army can't sort out. Position army to the West of the final area and take out the first 2 bases. The third needs your attack to be against the Leader to get the distraction to it.

Army: 817R / 52M / 67S / 150LB / 115C
Enemy Attack With MMA
1 150 Rough

Wave 1: 200R 

Wave 2: 38R, 1M, 1S, 106C 54LB

148R 1S 71XB
2 100 Rangers, 100 Rough

Wave 1: 200R 

Wave 2: 30R, 1S, 115C, 54LB

96R 1S 63C 60XB
Hit the leader's camp and get distracted by the camp to the North. There is a 70% chance you will win outright and need to Retreat before hitting the leader. Otherwise you have to hit camp 3 again and then Retreat before taking out the leader.
3 100 Dogs, 100 Rough

Wave 1: 200R

Wave 2: (30R, 170S) or 109M, 91S (-109M)

129R 91S
While this can be done in 2 waves it will cost you 60+ Cavalry and Militia losses so I prefer to lose Recruits and a few more Longbowmen.
4 Chuck, 50 Dog, 60 Ranger, 70 Rough

Wave 1: 50C

Wave 2: 78R, 52M, 20C, 50LB

Wave 3: 56R, 22S, 22C, 100LB

Wave 1: 144C (any Gen)

Wave 2: 162R 1S 57XB

Losses: 744-815R / 52M / 50LB / 70C


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