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Sleepy Reef
Sleepy reef img
We have an urgent matter to attend to. Please, sit - there is much to tell. King Damien has an Elite Group called "The Unity". The King trusts them implicitly and shares all his secret plans etc. with them. One of the generals who was part of this special group retired some years ago, and the King gave him an island. Yes, you heard me, then man got an island. Gregorid Skoln is his name, and lives an honourable retirement on his little island, Sleepy Reef, along with his wife and most beloved daughter, Sabilyn. Sadly, Gregorid had some unfinished business before he left Capital Island, and that business has taken over his island. Some of the traitors have stormed the island and are now holding Gregorid and his family hostage. I think this calls for a visit, don't you agree? Don't forget your sword.
General Information
Type: Mini-Adventure
Players: Icon settler 1
Difficulty: Icon skull 4
Duration: Icon clock 12 hours
XP: Icon xp 3860


Sleepy Reef is an adventure that was introduced to the Test Server on Tuesday 6th August 2013. It is a mini-adventure which requires the player to defeat camps and click on items on the map to gain maximum XP.


Level: 26
Merchant: ResCSS 175
Adventure Search: Short (?.??%), Medium (?.??%)
Trade: ~ ResCSS 900-1200


Map sleepy reef hi-res

Map of Sleepy Reef

The adventure map is fairly linear, with an north-eastward route from the bottom to the top of the map. There are four Traitor's Camps along the way, each protected by a group of bandits. The leader camp can be found in the village.

There are also a number of Trees located around the island which can be clicked on. These are required for the third adventure quest, when you search all four for the missing girl.


General Type Requirements
TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS Total
TroopsCSS Normal General (200 troops) 506 155 137 - - 798
TroopsCSS Master of Martial Arts (220 troops) 393 193 167 - - 753
TroopsCSS General Log (220 troops)  ???  ???  ???  ???  ??? ???
TroopsCSS Veteran General (250 troops) 395 218 177 60 - 818
330 218 177 - 125 850
TroopsCSS Major General (270 troops) 375 243 177 - - 820
322 243 177 - 125 884


The following sub-quests are required to complete the adventure.

Note that XP from subquests is not immediately received, but added to the total that you will receive at the end of the adventure.

Quest Details Reward
Defeat the traitors at the rocky pass You will need to attack the first traitor's camp, on the south side of the island, near where you generals land. See the map above for the locations of the Camps, and the guide below for troop numbers. ResCSS 50
Find and defeat the traitors in the forest You will need to attack the second traitor's camp, north of the first, within the trees. ResCSS 50
Fight your way into the village There are two more bandit camps blocking your way to the Bandit Leader, so remove these two camps. You can move your general just west of the third camp if you wish, but cannot skip it. ResCSS 100
Find the tree Sabilyn is hiding in Just click the four trees that are located around the northern half of the island. ResCSS 50
Defeat the Traitor Leader inside the village Remove the final Bandit Camp. ResCSS 200


Traitors Camp Enemy Attack With Average Losses
Camp 1 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 44 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 155 TroopsCSS 39
TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 189 TroopsCSS 25
TroopsCSS 34 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 215 TroopsCSS 28
TroopsCSS 31 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 238 TroopsCSS 26
Camp 2 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 85 TroopsCSS 115 TroopsCSS 75
TroopsCSS 53 TroopsCSS 167 TroopsCSS 45
TroopsCSS 73 TroopsCSS 177 TroopsCSS 66
TroopsCSS 73 TroopsCSS 177 TroopsCSS 66
Camp 3 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 67 TroopsCSS 133 TroopsCSS 58
TroopsCSS 45 TroopsCSS 167 TroopsCSS 38
TroopsCSS 67 TroopsCSS 133 TroopsCSS 58
TroopsCSS 67 TroopsCSS 133 TroopsCSS 58
Camp 4 TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 50 TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 47 TroopsCSS 153 TroopsCSS 39
TroopsCSS 26 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 193 TroopsCSS 23
TroopsCSS 31 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 218 TroopsCSS 27
TroopsCSS 26 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 243 TroopsCSS 23
Leader TroopsCSS Sir Robin
TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 20
W1: TroopsCSS 200
W2: TroopsCSS 63 TroopsCSS 137
TroopsCSS 200
TroopsCSS 48-55
W1: TroopsCSS 160
W2: TroopsCSS 79 TroopsCSS 141
TroopsCSS 160
TroopsCSS 67
TroopsCSS 190 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 176 TroopsCSS 0-10
TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 108
TroopsCSS 178 TroopsCSS 92 TroopsCSS 159
TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 125 TroopsCSS 108
Total Average Losses TroopsCSS 459-466
TroopsCSS 358
TroopsCSS 355 TroopsCSS 0-10
Alternate: TroopsCSS 287
TroopsCSS 332
Alternate: TroopsCSS 281


The following enemies are found in the Sleepy Reef adventure:

Bbox cavalry deserter

Bbox bowman deserter

Bbox militia deserter

Bbox longbowman deserter

Bbox soldier deserter

Bbox elite soldier deserter

Bbox cannoneer deserter

Bbox sir robin


Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 4 + 5

200 ResCSS (41,7%)
250 ResCSS (8,3%)
200 ResCSS (41,7%)
250 ResCSS (8,3%)

200 ResCSS (50%)
200 ResCSS (50%)

300 Refill wheat (26,7%)
600 Refill wheat (13,4%)
300 Refill meat (26,7%)
600 Refill meat (13,4%)
1 BuffCSS (19,8%)

Slot 3 Slot 6

100 ResCSS (50%)
100 ResCSS (50%)

up to
3.860 ResCSS
or up to 39 ResCSS

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