Rarity Provision House
B improvedprovisionhouse
Can create special items out of goods.
General Information
Size: 2x2 2x2
Type: Provision House
Level 1: ResCSS 995 or
ResCSS 3,495


The Rarity Provision House (a.k.a Improved Provision House, or Provision House II) is a secondary Provision House introduced to the game during the 2013 Christmas Event, where is became available from the Merchant Chest for 995 Presents. After the event, the Rarity Provision House will be available from the Architect tab of the Merchant Chest for 3,995 Gems.

During the Test Server phase, this building was particularly buggy, with only four items available, and much of the tool-tip text and items descriptions missing.

Like the original Provision House, only one of this building can be constructed. The Rarity Provision House is the same size as the original level 1 Provision House.


The following items may be constructed in the Rarity Provision House:

Icon Name Description Requirement
Icon magical ink Magical Ink This Magical Ink makes out of every paper map fragments. (makes ResCSS 50) ResCSS 200 ResCSS 150 ResCSS 40 Process arrow Sm icon magical ink 1
Icon eotm badge Employee of the Month Badge The employee of the month badge motivates your settlers to work very hard to become the best. Unfortunately it has not a very long effect, because settlers have a very bad memory and after a few hours they will forget that the badge exists. (3x output for 6 hours) ResCSS 300 ResCSS 300 ResCSS 50 Process arrow Icon badge 1
Icon gamekeeper snack Gamekeeper Snack This little snack not only tastes delicious, it also has a very intense smell. This smell lures in creatures and makes your forest rich with wildlife. (Adds 500 meat deposit) ResCSS 120 ResCSS 80 Process arrow Icon filldeposit hunter3 1
Icon rare fish food Rare Fish Food This rare fish food makes full and improves also the growing speed. This means the fishes will be grown up much faster. (Adds 500 fish deposit) ResCSS 40 Process arrow Icon filldeposit fishfood3 1

One can buy Recipes from the various Events.

Once bought and applied to the Rarity Provision House, there can be produced more Buffs

incuding the following:

Name Description Requirement
Aunt Irma's Feast Effect: +100% output

Target: Workyard Duration: 24 hours

150 Fish, 100 Bread, 50 Sausages


1 Aunt Irma's Feast

Grilled Steak Effect: +100% output

Target: Workyard

Duration: 48 hours

500 Meat


1 Grilled Steak

Efficient Traps Area Effect: +200% output

Target: Hunter, Deerstalker Hut, Improved Deerstalker Hut

Duration: 12 hours

50 Iron, 150 Bronce, 300 Fish


1 Efficient Traps

Stop Buff Effect: removes Buff of a Workyard

Target: Workyard

100 Simple Paper, 100 Water


1 Stop Buff

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