The topic below mentions an illegal gameplay strategy and is enough reason to be banned by the developers of the game!

Pushing is a term used for when a player uses multiple accounts to farm resources to supply and boost a main account thereby pushing that account ahead faster than it would by normal means.

The developers actively monitor for these accounts and on finding one they will ban the account.

This has caused some concern from users who feel unjustly banned. In a crack down it was revealled that users were banned and warned for purchasing multiple instances of 400 of an item at the cost of a single item (i.e. 400 Gold Coins for 1 Water). In that example a cheat would seem obvious as 400 Gold Coins vastly outweighs the value of 1 Water in terms of usefulness and production time.

However some accounts were warned for exactly the opposite of purchasing 400 Water for 1 Gold Coins, which is on balance not a great use of Gold Coins but not exactly unreasonable either.

People on the forums have pointed out the unfairness of this as you can be warned when all you were doing was aiding a friend by making what seems a poor trade in the name of friendship.

Another marker used in the detection of pushing is multiple users on the same IP address. This effectively means if several people in the same household all play TSO and trade with each other (again not an unreasonable situation) this can flag as a concern. In such instances it is recommnded you alert the Developrs that you have several people using the same connection/computer to play to avoid being singled out.

Some good tips on safe gameplay.

  • Do not farm and trade to push 1 account.
  • Only make multiple trades using more than a single item for 400 of another.
  • If you are going to have several accounts from one location alert the developers.

Click here to see out section on scams .

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