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Motherly Love
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The last time you met the crazy ship's cook, you defeated him and his crew and banished them from the island. After that defeat, the crazy ship's cook went back to his parent's house. Now his mother is watching over him. If you want to finish him off, you'll have to overwhelm his mother first.
General Information
Type: Follow-Up
Players: Icon settler 2
Difficulty: Icon skull 7
Duration: Icon clock 2 days
XP: Icon xp 3,030


Motherly Love is a Follow-Up Adventure that can be found as a possible reward from the The Island of the Pirates adventure, or can be traded in the Trade Office.

It is a simple adventure with only a few camps, but requires the loss of over 300 Cavalry, which deters many players. It does provide excellent loot however, and when used with a Premium Account, this is well worth the reward.


Days to complete: 2
Players: 2
General Units Required: Units Lost
TroopsCSS Normal General 293R, 74S, 100B, 356C, (90LB or 101XB) 293R, 100B, 90LB, 111S (or 0 LB, 41S), 356C
TroopsCSS Veteran General 279R, 220S, 100B, 356C, 140XB 279R, 28S, 100B, 356C
TroopsCSS Major General 252R, 78S, 352C, 179E, 213K 252R, 36S, 352C




Some great rewards for some rather tough mixed troop losses and so is better for higher level players who can take those losses. As you can see there are very few battles as it all takes place in a single sector but there are 3 hidden camps to deal with.

You can move your generals to the south and block the first camp to allow your attacker to slip by around the West coast of the island but it's it's very tricky and the timing has to be spot on.. so our guide shows the easy and more troop costly way.

In a recent update some of the rewards were Nerfed as they were unintentionally over powered for the map.

Enemy Attack With Max Losses
TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 100 Wave 1: TroopsCSS 100

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 159 TroopsCSS 41

TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 159
TroopsCSS 1
Wave 1: TroopsCSS 80

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 150 TroopsCSS 100

TroopsCSS 230
TroopsCSS 191 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 78 TroopsCSS 191

There are 3 hidden traps in the map and all are indicated in the image below. To make sure you target the right camp click on it again right after you attack to make sure.

Note: I suggest for normal general to send 159R 41S straight to the Caltrop camp, so you don't lose time sending over and over. General will be intercepted by 2 wolves camp then he will take down all camps.

TroopsCSS 200
(2 camps)
TroopsCSS 13 TroopsCSS 187 TroopsCSS 13 Mother2
TroopsCSS 12 TroopsCSS 87 TroopsCSS 151 TroopsCSS 12
TroopsCSS 12 TroopsCSS 150 TroopsCSS 88 TroopsCSS 12
TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 22 TroopsCSS 152 TroopsCSS 22
TroopsCSS 21 TroopsCSS 179 TroopsCSS 21
TroopsCSS 21 TroopsCSS 179 TroopsCSS 21

Normal general: This final battle is tough on soldier and cavalry losses. I've tried numerus ways to do this and this is sadly the least number of losses i can find.

Round 1: (3R, 197C) The aim here is to clear the gunmen and a bite out of the Officers.

Round 2:(30R, 159C)  you should tailor your attack to clear all remaining Officers and while my suggestion will work you can save on horses by checking for exact numbers. If 29 Officers are left you can use (29R 155C) saving 4 horses.

Round 3:If you have access to Crossbows you can use them and save around 40 Soldiers and no Crossbow losses... otherwise expect to lose 100-110 Soldiers and 0-24 LB.

TroopsCSS 50 TroopsCSS 50 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 1 Wave 1: TroopsCSS 3 TroopsCSS 197

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 159
Wave 3: TroopsCSS 110 TroopsCSS 90

TroopsCSS 33 TroopsCSS 356
TroopsCSS 110 TroopsCSS 24
Wave 1: TroopsCSS 183

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 169
Wave 3: TroopsCSS 75 TroopsCSS 125

TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 352
TroopsCSS 75
Wave 1: TroopsCSS 183

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 169
Wave 3: TroopsCSS 50 TroopsCSS 200

TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 352
TroopsCSS 48
Wave 1: TroopsCSS 183

Wave 2: TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 169
Wave 3: TroopsCSS 36 TroopsCSS 1
TroopsCSS 213

TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 352
TroopsCSS 36


Mothers love rewards
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