Manuscript lg
A simple book that can be invested in a skill tree.
General Information
Type: Skill Book
Made by: Bookbinder
Used by: Geologist/Explorer


A Manuscript is an item which can be used to add Skills to a Geologist Skills or Explorer Skills.

It is the lowest level of Book that can be made by a Bookbinder, and will only give the low-level skills to your specialists.

To check out how many Manuscripts you own: Click on the Mayor's House, click on Intermediate. There you can see a number of intermediate resources. The number you own is shown as the second item in the fourth row.


The Manuscript is constructed by a Bookbinder. The table below shows construction time for a Manuscript at each Bookbinder level, and the tree on the right shows what resources are required to make each Manuscript.

Level Time Taken
1 2 Days 12 Hours
2 1 Day 6 Hours
3 20 Hours
4 15 Hours
5 12 Hours


Construction of the Manuscript is slow, but production speed can be increased by the use of buffs.

The following buffs may be used on a Bookbinder building to produce Manuscripts faster:

Icon Name Description
Buff glue Bookbinding Glue Halve production time for 24 hours
Buff resin Wilderwood Resin Halve production time for 36 hours

Creation Costs

Unlike any other building, the Bookbinder becomes more expensive the more you use it. For every 10 Manuscripts that you produce, it will cost about 10% more resources. The table below shows the escalating costs:

Manuscripts Cost per Manuscript
1 to 10 ResCSS250 ResCSS200 ResCSS10
11 to 20 ResCSS275 ResCSS220 ResCSS11
21 to 30 ResCSS305 ResCSS240 ResCSS12
31 to 40 ResCSS335 ResCSS265 ResCSS13
41 to 50 ResCSS365 ResCSS295 ResCSS15
51 to 60 ResCSS405 ResCSS320 ResCSS16
61 to 70 ResCSS445 ResCSS355 ResCSS18
71 to 80 ResCSS490 ResCSS390 ResCSS19
81 to 90 ResCSS535 ResCSS430 ResCSS21
91 or more ResCSS590 ResCSS470 ResCSS24
Basic Resources ResCSS Pinewood • ResCSS Pinewood Planks • ResCSS Stone • ResCSS Fish • ResCSS Map Fragment • ResCSS Guild Coins
Intermediate Resources ResCSS Coal • ResCSS Copper Ore • ResCSS Bronze • ResCSS Tools • ResCSS Water • ResCSS Wheat • ResCSS Brew • ResCSS Flour • ResCSS Bread • ResCSS Bronze Swords • ResCSS Bows • ResCSS Simple Paper • ResCSS Nib • ResCSS Manuscript
Advanced Resources ResCSS Hardwood • ResCSS Hardwood Planks • ResCSS Iron Ore • ResCSS Iron • ResCSS Steel • ResCSS Gold Ore • ResCSS Gold • ResCSS Gold Coins • ResCSS Marble • ResCSS Meat • ResCSS Sausages • ResCSS Horse • ResCSS Iron Swords • ResCSS Steel Swords • ResCSS Longbows • ResCSS Intermediate Paper • ResCSS Movable Type • ResCSS Tome
Expert Resources ResCSS Exotic Wood • ResCSS Exotic Wood Planks • ResCSS Titanium Ore • ResCSS Titanium • ResCSS Saltpeter • ResCSS Gunpowder • ResCSS Granite • ResCSS Wheels • ResCSS Carriages • ResCSS Damascene Sword • ResCSS Crossbows • ResCSS Cannons • ResCSS Advanced Paper • ResCSS Book Fitting • ResCSS Codex • ResCSS Magic Bean • ResCSS Magic Beanstalk • ResCSS Star Coins
Event Resources ResCSS Easter Eggs • ResCSS Pumpkins • ResCSS Presents • ResCSS Footballs • ResCSS Balloons • ResCSS Red Nose
Collection Items ResCSS Herbs • ResCSS Scarecrow • ResCSS Food Cart • ResCSS Banner • ResCSS Kettle • ResCSS Grain Sacks • ResCSS Leather • ResCSS Wine Barrel • ResCSS Adamantium Ore • ResCSS Bronze Cauldron • ResCSS Christmas Collectibles • ResCSS Easter Collectibles • ResCSS Football Collectibles

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