Magical Ink
Icon magical ink
This magical ink can turn paper into map fragments.
General Information
Used On: Mayor's House
Type: Created
Requires: ResCSS 200 ResCSS 150 ResCSS 40


Magical Ink is a Buff which can be created in the Rarity Provision House. It creates 50 Map Fragments which can be placed on the Mayor's House.


Each Magic Ink is made in the Rarity Provision House, and requires the following ingredients:

ResCSS 200 ResCSS 150 ResCSS 40 Process arrow BuffCSS 1
Provision House BuffCSS Fish Platter • BuffCSS Solid Sandwich • BuffCSS Aunt Irma's Gift Basket • BuffCSS Hard Plank Door • BuffCSS Tool Belt • BuffCSS Lonely Marble Block • BuffCSS Used Longbows • BuffCSS Scaffold Rods • BuffCSS Golden Brew Mug • BuffCSS Wayfaring Settler • BuffCSS Travelling Family • BuffCSS Retired Bandits • BuffCSS Pumpkin Soup • BuffCSS Golden Egg • BuffCSS Collection Sale • BuffCSS Balloon Gathering • BuffCSS Old Present Collection
Rarity Provision House BuffCSS Rare Fish Food • BuffCSS Gamekeeper Snack • BuffCSS Magical Ink • BuffCSS Employee of the Month Badge
Mayor's House BuffCSS Country Saying • BuffCSS Harvest Ritual • BuffCSS Whips and Carrots • BuffCSS Drill Sergeant Skunk • BuffCSS A Sip from the Kettle • BuffCSS Potion of Endless Energy
Merchant Chest BuffCSS Cheese Sandwich • BuffCSS Exotic Fruit Basket • BuffCSS Red Flying Settler • BuffCSS Cookies • BuffCSS Roasted Duck • BuffCSS Piero's Bowl of Pasta • BuffCSS Fermentation Accelerator • BuffCSS Mother Tree Ritual • BuffCSS Gold Fever • BuffCSS Chocolate Rabbit
Events BuffCSS Christmas Feast • BuffCSS Darkness • BuffCSS Very Strong Light • BuffCSS Supporters Hat • BuffCSS Stadium Snacks • BuffCSS Red Nose • BuffCSS A Million Snowflakes • BuffCSS Zombie

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