The games interface is a fairly straight forward one and is well worth getting to know in detail for its information and handy shortcuts.

Interface Interface Index:

  1. Portrait: Player Progress, Quest List, Sound/Camera options, Forum. (Click for Main Article)
  2. Top Bar: Resources, Building Licences, Population Limit. (Click for Main Article)
  3. Bottom Bar: Friends, Main sections quick list. (Click for Main Article)
  4. Chat & Trade Interface: Chat and trade windows and functions. (Click for Main Article)
  5. Building Menu: All your building and demolishing needs. (Click for Main Article)
  6. Building Toolbox: The window that pops-up for building. (Click for Main Article)
  7. Star Menu: Special store for rewards and Professionals. (Click for Main Article)
  8. Guilds: Join and manage guild interactions. (Click for Main Article)
  9. Email: in game email client. (Click for Main Article)
  10. Store: Premium content. (Click for Main Article)
  11. Side Tabs: Where Adventure and Quest tabs appear when active. (Click for Main Article)

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