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The people of the great veldt seek your assistance. One of the rider clans has started terrorising the settlers in this region, taking their belongings and steal their flocks. If no-one helps them they will have to leave their homeland. The local population doesn`t possess much, but they are willing to offer their most precious heirloom to anyone who can drive the rider clan away.
General Information
Type: Experience
Players: Icon settler 1
Difficulty: Icon skull 2
Duration: Icon clock 2 days
XP: Icon xp 7,230


Horseback sectors
Sector numbers used in the guide
JamdogAdded by Jamdog
MRNasherAdded by MRNasher

A great map with rather high XP to losses.

Blocking is a major help in minimising losses for good XP gain on this map.

Blocking is a technique for attacking 1 camp with a single general and soldier to allow a second General to attack the intended target and avoid the first camps area of effect.

Better maps and image of this adventure will be supplied when i next tackle it.

Read our Blocking Tutorial and view these handy online videos: Video1 , Video 2 & Video 3.


The following table shows which troops you should need to bring to the adventure, depending on whether you have a Veteran General or not.

General Type Requirements
TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS

TroopsCSSNormal General








Losses 260 0 243 0
TroopsCSSVeteran General 398 200 229 139
Losses 295 0 204 0

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSSNormal General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSSBattle-Hardened General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSSVeteran General(max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSSMajor General(max. 270 troops)


More filterable results for Horseback.

Confused? See "What do these letters mean?"

    • 2013/8/2: Losses with block on S2 and S4, using 1 veteran general and 2 generals for blocks.
Sector Enemy Attack With Expected Loses
Transfer from the Landing Zone to the Transfer Zone on the opposite side of island, immediately west of the first camp, below the rocks at the junction between sectors 1 and 3. We take out one camp in Sector 3, so we can get to the leader in Sector 1.
Sector 3 TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 47 TroopsCSS 153 TroopsCSS 46
TroopsCSS 130 TroopsCSS 120 TroopsCSS 45
Sector 1 TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 20 TroopsCSS 152 TroopsCSS 28 TroopsCSS 20
TroopsCSS 30 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 140 TroopsCSS 25 TroopsCSS 20

Place General in the SW of rocks and tree (2) of taken sector, so he is exactly SW of the Leader Camp in the central zone, your general will avoid both camps either side and  take him out. Test with combat preview, you should not have either of the two camps' area of effect light up in red.

Sector 2 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 48 TroopsCSS 152 TroopsCSS 41
TroopsCSS 50 TroopsCSS 200 TroopsCSS 38

Position the blocking general west of the skeleton in the central sector and just north of the green tree in sector below. See the videos above for best placement.

The attacking general is positioned in the same location as where your first attack was made from. Send blocker first, wait 5 seconds, send attacker.

Sector 3 TroopsCSS 90 TroopsCSS 10 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 129 TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 129
TroopsCSS 123 TroopsCSS 77 TroopsCSS 121
TroopsCSS 41 TroopsCSS 90 TroopsCSS 69 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 90
TroopsCSS 32 TroopsCSS 92 TroopsCSS 75 TroopsCSS 32 TroopsCSS 90
TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 110 TroopsCSS 139 TroopsCSS 1 TroopsCSS 109
Move to the north-west of sector 3 and attack the leader camp in Sector 5 by going directly north.
Sector 5 TroopsCSS 60 (Can be blocked) TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 140 TroopsCSS 27
TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 180 TroopsCSS 26
TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 120 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 120 TroopsCSS 69
TroopsCSS 90 TroopsCSS 160 TroopsCSS 36
Sector 6 TroopsCSS 90 TroopsCSS 90 TroopsCSS 35 TroopsCSS 71 TroopsCSS 94 TroopsCSS 34
TroopsCSS 110 TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 33
Place blocker at apex of 2 cactus N of camp above Leader. Attacking general is SW of Leader camp and the rock pile. Send blocker, wait 2-3 seconds before attacker.
Sector 4 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 30 (Can be blocked) TroopsCSS 200 TroopsCSS 66
TroopsCSS 80 TroopsCSS 170 TroopsCSS 69
TroopsCSS 60 TroopsCSS 75 TroopsCSS 25 TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 75 TroopsCSS 22 TroopsCSS 94
TroopsCSS 70 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 100 TroopsCSS 40 TroopsCSS 22 TroopsCSS 75
Total Expected Losses >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>  [295R,204B]


The following bandits are found in Horseback adventure.

Bbox nomad

Bbox lance rider

Bbox cataphract

Bbox composite bowman

Bbox riding bowman

Bbox dancing dervish

Bbox amazonian guard

Bbox uproarious bull


Horseback rewards
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