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The following table shows which troops you should need to bring to the adventure, depending on whether you have a Veteran General or not.

General Type Requirements
TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS TroopsCSS

TroopsCSSNormal General

- - - - - - -
Losses - - - - - - -
TroopsCSSMaster of Martial Arts - - - - - - -
Losses - - - - - - -
TroopsCSSVeteran General 2187 75 250 503 175 165 140
Losses 2187 3 0 8 175 165 0
Days to complete: 4
Players: 3

Guide Information

Note that the following background colours are used in the guide below for different Generals:

TroopsCSSNormal General(max. 200 troops)
TroopsCSS Master of Martial Arts (max. 220 troops)
TroopsCSSVeteran(max. 250 troops)
TroopsCSSMajor General(max. 270 troops)


While we compile our own guide please use this site to plan your battle. (Click for Adventure Guide )

Sector Enemy Attack With Expected Loss
Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3


Gunpowder rewards
1 Player Adventures AdvCSS Bounty Hunter • AdvCSS The Lost Skull • AdvCSS The Island of the Pirates • AdvCSS Witch of the Swamp • AdvCSS Horseback • AdvCSS Traitors • AdvCSS Old Friends • AdvCSS Bandit Nest • AdvCSS Wild Mary (Adventure) • AdvCSS Tropical Sun • AdvCSS The Invasion of the Nords • AdvCSS Pirate Life • AdvCSS Sleepy Reef • AdvCSS The Sleeping Volcano
2 Player Adventures AdvCSS Dark Priests • AdvCSS Stealing from the Rich • AdvCSS Sons of the Veld • AdvCSS The Nords • AdvCSS Surprise Attack • AdvCSS Motherly Love
3 Player Adventures AdvCSS Gunpowder • AdvCSS Victor the Vicious • AdvCSS Roaring Bull • AdvCSS The Black Knights • AdvCSS The Dark Brotherhood • AdvCSS Secluded Experiments
Co-op Adventures AdvCSS The Siege • AdvCSS The Buccaneer Roundup • AdvCSS Raiding the Raiders • AdvCSS Lakeside Treasure • AdvCSS Tomb Raiders • AdvCSS Whirlwind
Epic Adventures AdvCSS The Valiant Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Clever Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Heroic Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Sons of the Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Betrayed Little Tailor
Event Adventures AdvCSS Save the Christmas Feast • AdvCSS The Stolen Sleigh • AdvCSS More Secluded Experiments • AdvCSS Return to Bandit Nest • AdvCSS The End of the World
Easter Event AdvCSS A New Egg Hunt • AdvCSS Hunting Eggs • AdvCSS Lost Easter Eggs • AdvCSS Nearly a Picasso • AdvCSS Sabotage • AdvCSS The Cousin's Island • AdvCSS The Egg Hunt Begins • AdvCSS The Egg Hunt Continues • AdvCSS Garrun the Trapper
20th Anniversary AdvCSS Old Ruins • AdvCSS The Shaman • AdvCSS A New Experience • AdvCSS Hero Wanted • AdvCSS The Jester's Map • AdvCSS Retro Style • AdvCSS Nothing Special

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