General Information
Made by: Granite Pit
Used by: Various


Granite is a rare resource.

Obtaining Granite

The following regular methods can be employed in order to obtain:

Source Details
Explorer Granite can be found by Explorers in a Medium (level 20), Long (level 32) or Very Long (level 40) treasure searches. Its amount is 10-100 ResCSS, and chance to find is 1,4-29%. With the Lucky Detour (level 26) skill we can increase the chance, and with the Loot Wagon (level 36) the amount too – but this two skills are effective only in Medium treasure searches. Perhaps this is the most effective (cheaper and earlier available) way of obtaining.
Geologist Granite can be found by Geologists while searching for Coal with Hidden Coal Stash (level 40) skill. Its amount is 10 ResCSS, and the chance to find is 10-30%.
Adventures Some adventures provide Granite as loot. Its amount is 400-900 ResCSS, and the chance to find (in Slot 1) is 11,1-33,3%. The Island of the Pirates provides a good ratio of Granite against troop losses.
Trading Granite can be exchanged for other goods with other players in the Trade Office.

And there are irregular methods too:

Source Details
Granite Pit For 1.950 ResCSS we can buy 1.000 ResCSS in the Store Architect tab.
Merchant Chest For 995 ResCSS we can purchase 500 ResCSS in the Wholesale tab.
Provision House During some Events, it may be possible to produce Granite in the Provision House. For 500 ResCSS and 20 ResCSS we can produce 50 ResCSS.

Historical data:

Granite, like Exotic Wood and Titanium Ore, is only found by Explorers from level 20 on treasure searches or won in larger amounts during Adventures.

Granite has never been a harvestable resource, though in early versions of the game, it could be seen in the Geologist menu as a grayed-out resource search button, which required an impossible Level 52. This button was removed from the game in late 2012.

Since the 22th July 2014, there is a bulding, which produce Granite. The Granite Pit can't be searched by Geologists, but purchaseable for Gems.


It is an essential resource to build expert buildings, and for upgrading almost any building to level 5.

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