Fancy Furniture
There is a report here. A ship that was bound for Capital Island is going to stop for a quick break, and we need to welcome them. They're transporting some special kind of furniture for one of the lords. We should help them. For a price, of course.
General Information
Type: Guild Quest


Fancy Furniture is a Guild Quest.

Guild quests need to be completed by around 75% of the members of the guild, with each member completing a different subquest depending on their level.


As for any guild quest, the sub-quest and requirements vary, depending on the level of the guild member who is completing it.  The table below shows the subquest and requirements for each level range.

Sub-quest Level Range Requirements
Unknown 1-25
Fishy Accident 26-35
The Ornament 26-35
  • Buy at least ResCSS 100 marble from other players.
  • Experience at least 1 new Adventure.
Paid Adventuring 36-45
Lordly Behaviour 46-50

Fishy Accident

Oh! I've had a fisherman here complaining that the fancy ship has dropped anchor directly over his school of fish. I've had the ship moved, but I think we should help the fisherman out and refill his fish deposit!

The Captain is ready to pay a small fortune if we'll agree to take him on an adventure. I've asked the commander, and he's said yes.

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