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Fairytale Adventures will be added to the game on Thursday 8th August 2013. It is aimed at providing a goal for players who have reached the maximum level.  It provides new adventures, which reward the player with new resources.  These new resources can be spent in the Store on exciting new items.

New Resources

The Fairytale resources are:

Icon Name Description
ResCSS Magic Beans Provided as a reward from the Fairytale Adventures
ResCSS Magic Beanstalks Produced in a Level 5 Fairytale Castle.
ResCSS Star Coins Provided instead of XP for players at level 50

New Adventures

The Fairytale adventures are:

Icon Name Description
Fairytale adv 1 The Valiant Little Tailor "Your old friend the little tailor is in a bad way. The king has sent him on a very dangerous task where he can't succeed alone.
Maybe you can help him out?
Fairytale adv 2 The Clever Little Tailor "Your friend, the Little tailor once again needs your help.

The king you defeated regrets his sins and pledges to approve a marriage between his daughter and the tailor.

But a rival tailor claimed that he did all the hard work and therefore acquired the right for the princess' hand.

To prove his competitor wrong, the princess gave the little tailor a difficult task..."

Fairytale adv 3 The Heroic Little Tailor "You received a messenger pigeon from your old friend, the little tailor.

He got divorced for the princess, because he realised that she can't be the right on if she demands from him that he risks his life for no reason.

Se he decided to take a journey to learn the wonders of this world.

But unfortunately he wandered too deep into a dark forest and is now stranded in a hermit's hut.
The forest around him is too dangerous to leave the hut alone, so he needs your help to get back home."

Fairytale adv 4 The Sons of the Little Tailor "You received a letter from your friend, the little tailor.
He told you that he has three sons and that he made a big mistake.
He now wants to make up for this, but needs your help to do so."
Fairytale adv 5 The Betrayed Little Tailor "Though the little tailor reconciled with his sons, new problems have arisen.
A greedy inn-keeper stole the magical items his sons received from their masters.
He once again needs your help to get them back.

Adventure Chains

Epic adventure chains always start with The Valiant Little Tailor, which can provide one of two follow-up adventures, starting one of four quest chains:

Chain 1
Fairytale adv 1 Process arrow Fairytale adv 2 Process arrow Fairytale adv 3
Chain 2
Fairytale adv 1 Process arrow Fairytale adv 2 Process arrow Fairytale adv 5
Chain 3
Fairytale adv 1 Process arrow Fairytale adv 4 Process arrow Fairytale adv 3
Chain 4
Fairytale adv 1 Process arrow Fairytale adv 4 Process arrow Fairytale adv 5

Epic Store

The Epic Store can be found within the Store, and has the following items:

Icon Name Cost Max Description Min.
Icon sandmans powder Sandman's Powder ResCSS 500 Unlimited Darkness for 32 hours -
Icon solar flare Solar Flare ResCSS 1 Unlimited Brings back the daylight -
Icon epic licences 5 Building Licenses ResCSS 1,300 3 Adds 5 building licenses 43
Quartermaster General Quartermaster General ResCSS 20,000 2 Cannot be used in Battle, but can quickly
transport 1,000 troops.
Icon fairytale castle Fairytale Castle ResCSS 9,950 1 Produces Magic Beanstalks. 45
Icon magnificent residence Magnificent Residence ResCSS 15,000 Unlimited Room for 500 population 46
Major General Major General ResCSS 10,000 1 Fast General who commands up to 270 troops. 47
Icon gold tower Gold Tower ResCSS 6,300 3 Produces Gold Coins. 48
Icon granite package Granite Package ResCSS 1,200 Unlimited Receive ResCSS 100 50
Icon exotic wood package Exotic Wood Package ResCSS 600 Unlimited Receive ResCSS 100 50
Icon salpeter package Saltpeter Package ResCSS 600 Unlimited Receive ResCSS 100 50
Icon titan ore package Titan Ore Package ResCSS 600 Unlimited Receive ResCSS 100 50
Icon weak point potion Weak Point Potion ResCSS 180 Unlimited Destroy a randomly chosen unit type in a bandit camp 50
Icon gem package Gem Package ResCSS 600 Unlimited Receive ResCSS 100 50
Buff premium account 1 1 Premium Day ResCSS 900 Unlimited Receive 1 Premium Day Buff. 50

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