This page is for the Easter Event 2014. For other Easter Events, see Easter Event

NPC rabbit lady


The Easter Event 2014 is a time during which the game is filled with Easter-related adventures and items. It is an annual occurrence, which introduces Eggs as the event currency.


The Easter Event runs for three weeks, with the Easter Eggs and Easter Items remaining available in the Merchant Chest for 1 week after the event.

Easter Event 2014 Dates
Test Server Date Wednesday 27th February
Start Date Wednesday 9th April
End Date Wednesday 30th April
Removal Wednesday 7th May

Easter Currency

Easter Eggs are the main currency used to buy Easter-related items. You can get them from the Explorer, completing Easter quests, trade, or buy them in the Merchant. If you buy them, you have the following options:

Icon Name Cost Provides
Smallpackage Small Easter Egg Basket ResCSS 295 ResCSS 100
Bigpackage Big Easter Egg Basket ResCSS 895 ResCSS 300

Easter Specialists

The Easter Event makes it possible to buy the following specialists in the Merchant Chest, for Easter Eggs:

Icon Name Number Cost
Explorer Experienced Experienced Explorer 1 ResCSS 475
General Veteran Veteran General 1 ResCSS 1,545
Master of Martial Arts Master of Martial Arts 1 ResCSS 2,395

Easter Items

The following items all become available in the Merchant Chest during the Easter Event.

Icon Name Description Cost
Watermill icon Watermill Build a watermill, which produces unlimited water. Max of 5 are available. ResCSS 275
Floatingresidence Floating Residence A residence that can be built on water. Holds 40-80 settlers. Max of 3 are available. ResCSS 75
Buff inspriration speech Insprirational Speech Use on a workyard to increase the effectiveness of workyards in a three square radius around it, threefold for 12 hours. ResCSS 245
Luckycharm Rabbit Lucky Charm Buff to triple the output of any production building. ResCSS 145
Minerals Mineral Rabbit Add 6,000 Coal to a deposit. ResCSS 75
Rabbit field Rabbit Farm Field A field containing 6,000 Wheat. ResCSS 75
Chocolaterabbit Chocolate Rabbit Provision House buff which halves production time. ResCSS 45
Rabbid statue Raving Rabbid Statue A decoration which screams when you click on it. ResCSS 195
Buff garrun Garrun the Trapper A 1-player adventure. ResCSS 95

Easter Adventures

This year, there are two types of adventure.

Ee garrun2
Garrun the Trapper is a 1-player Adventure, which can be purchased from the Easter tab of the Merchant Chest, for ResCSS 95 Gems. It is a short (12-hour) adventure, with a difficulty rating of just four skulls.

Easter Adventures are special adventures that don't require the player to attack bandits. The object of each adventure is simply to find, and click on, hidden Easter Eggs.

These adventures work a little differently to last year, in that egg placement in the adventure is now random, and when you click on a hidden egg, you will receive a single Easter Egg in your mailbox.

The adventures can change from year to year. The 2014 Easter Adventures are:

Ee new egg hunt2 A New Egg Hunt Ee hunting eggs2 Hunting Eggs
Ee lost easter eggs2 Lost Easter Eggs Ee picasso2 Nearly a Picasso
Ee sabotage2 Sabotage Ee cousins island2 The Cousin's Island
Ee egg hunt begins2 The Egg Hunt Begins Ee egg hunt continues2 The Egg Hunt Continues

Easter Quests

For more information about these, see the Easter Quests page.

Easter Collections

There are three new 'collectibles' that can be found on your island. These were smaller than normal collectibles, which made them harder to find, but on 11th March 2014, these were enlarged on the Test Server, before they reached the live servers. Both the old, obsolete image, and the new are shown below for comparison:

Icon Name
B egg paint B egg paint 2 Icon egg paint Egg Paint
B wicker basket B wicker basket 2 Icon wicker basket Wicker Basket
B simple egg B simple egg 2 Icon simple egg Simple Egg

The following Collections are also available from the Mayor's House:

Icon Name Requires Lv Time Details
Icon collection festive egg basket Festive Egg Basket Icon egg paint 25
Icon simple egg 25
Icon wicker basket 25
16 1 Hour Use on the Mayor's House to get 10 Easter Eggs.
Icon collection hidden egg hunt Hidden Egg Hunt Icon egg paint 25
Icon simple egg 25
Icon wicker basket 25
26 1 Hour Use on a friend's Mayor's House to start an egg-hunt. When your friend has found the 10 hidden eggs on their island (before the 12-hour timer expires), then you both will receive ResCSS 10 Easter Eggs



Wild Rabbids

For the duration of the Easter Event, wild Rabbids will wander about all over your Home Island. They cannot be removed, clicked on or interacted with in any way. They also will not interfere with the working of any building or settler.

Easter Graphics

Easter dragon

Easter changes to the Merchant and Star menu, showing before and after

During the Easter Event, there are a number of changes to the in-game graphics. These reflect the Easter theme.

The loading screen features the guy in the bunny suit, and in-game graphics have egg-related changes (see image on right). 

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