I have just returned from the king's library. It seems that this island has not been mapped yet. It's very likely that there's a lot we can use here, it's just that we don't know where the resources are to be found. Send an explorer to discover the hidden areas one by one. Similarly to the geologist, you can hire an explorer at the tavern.


Discovering New Sectors is a quest received at Level 7. It is the first subquest in the Claim New Lands quest chain.


The quest has 1 requirement:


The quest has three goals:

  • Select the Tavern with your mouse cursor.
  • Own at least 1 Explorer(s).
  • Explore two sectors.


When completed, you will receive Icon xp 50 and ResCSS 50.


Open your Tavern, and buy an explorer. You can then select your new explorer in your Star Menu and instruct him to 'Explore Sector', which will take 5 minutes to complete.

After the sector is explored, you will get the following message:

The Explorer has just returned. He discovered a new sector. Each sector has its own deposits and provides additional building space. So, if you are in need of new deposits or space, don't hesitate to search for new sectors.

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