There are many types of deposit that can be found on your Home Island

Deposit Types

Below is a list of all the deposit types which can be harvested on your Home Island, along with the building which harvests the deposit.

For maximum efficiency, and flow of resources, the building should be placed close to the deposit, and close to a Storehouse. The 'Number' column tells you how many of that deposit type can be found on the Home Island, and 'Geologist' column will show a tick if a Geologist is required to find the deposit.

Natural Deposits

Natural Deposits are always found on the map, but can become depleted, but never completely removed. When the deposit count reaches zero, the deposit stays, and can be replenished at any time.

Icon Resource Number Building Replenished by Details
Deposit fish Fish 25 Fisherman Fishfood Dotted all round the coast and central lake. Essential for making buffs.
Deposit meat Meat 17 Hunter Deer Musk Located all over the map. Essential for making buffs and finding Adventures.
Deposit wood Pinewood Lots! Pinewood Cutter Pinewood Forester Located all over the map. Essential for basic buildings.
Deposit hardwood Hardwood Lots! Hardwood Cutter Hardwood Forester Located all over them map. Essential for more advanced buildings, and building upgrades.

Quarries and Mines

All Quarries and Mines require that a Geologist search for the deposit. When they run out, the Geologist will need to re-find the deposit.

Icon Resource Number Harvested By Details
Deposit stone Stone 8 (of 9) Mason Produces Stone, which is essential for basic buildings.
Deposit marble Marble 10 (of 11) Marble Mason Produces Marble, which is essential for more advanced buildings, and building upgrades.
Deposit bronze ore Copper Ore 6 Copper Mine Produces Copper Ore, essential for making Recruits and Nibs
Deposit iron Iron Ore 16 (of 17) Iron Mine Produces Iron Ore, essential for making advanced Troops.
Deposit coal Coal 6 Coal Mine Produces Coal, essential for all metalmaking.
Deposit gold Gold Ore 8 Gold Mine Produces Gold Ore, essential for making Gold Coins.

Constructed Deposits

Constructed Deposits are created by placing the deposit on the map. These can be anywhere you wish them to be.

Icon Resource Building Harvested by Details
Deposit.corn Wheat Wheatfield Farm The Wheatfield requires a nearby farm. It can be continually replenished by the use of a Silo.
Deposit water Water Well N/A The Well harvests itself - it doesn't need any extra buildings.
Deposit gems Gems Gem Pit N/A The Gem Pit harvests itself - it doesn't need any extra buildings.
Deposit pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkin Field N/A The pumpkin field is only available during the Halloween Event. It harvests itself - it doesn't need any extra buildings.

Other Deposits

The following deposits were never actually added to the game, yet during the early days of the Beta, the Geologist menu had possible searches for these if the player reached the impossible level 52. They were removed from the game before the search was ever enabled. The resources below are therefore only available as rewards from Adventures.

Icon Resource Harvested by Details
Deposit salpeter Salpeter Mine Planned as a deposit found on PvP Islands
Deposit titanium Titanium Ore Mine Planned as a deposit found on PvP Islands
Deposit granite Granite Quarry Cannot be found, but may be created with a Granite Pit.
Deposit exotic wood Exotic Wood Woodcutter Cannot be found, but may be created with an Exotic Wood Tree School.

By Sector

The list below shows how many deposits there are in each sector. Where 2 numbers are shown, the first number is how many deposits can be found, and the second number (in brackets) shows how many deposit locations there are.

Sector s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 Total
Deposit fish 640-720 6 - 6 1 4 - 8 - - 25
Deposit meat 100-250 - 4 2 - 1 2 3 1 4 17
Deposit stone 680-920 4 (4) - - 1 (1) 3 (4) - - - - 8 (9)
Deposit bronze ore 710-720 - 3 (3) - 3 (3) - - - - - -
Deposit marble 320-360 1 (2) - 2 (2) - 2 (2) - - 5 (5) - 10 (11)
Deposit iron 500-550 - - 3 (3) 2 (2) 2 (3) 4 (4) - 5 (5) - 16 (17)
Deposit coal 2900-3000 - - - - - 3 (3) 3 (3) - - 6 (6)
Deposit gold 300 - 3 (3) - - - - - - 5 (5) 8 (8)

Deposit Map

The following map shows the location of all the deposits on the Home Island. Click the map for a bigger size: ResourceLocations

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