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The Dark Priests
Rumour has it that a couple of dark priests are performing dark rituals. Very dark rituals. There have even been several cats reported missing recently. Understandably, your citizens are more than a little concerned about this. They have turned to you for help and are willing to give what they have in order to compensate you for your efforts.
General Information
Type: Experience
Players: Icon settler 2
Difficulty: Icon skull 3
Duration: Icon clock 2 days
XP: Icon xp 5,975


General Units Required:
General(200): 467R, 194C, 173S, 11M, 137LB (982 total)

MMA(220) Gen:

Vet(250) Gen: 279R, 183S, 232C, 40LB, 120XB


A fairly easy map that requires moving your camps right from the start to give direct attack routes to the Leaders Camp and avoid a lot of costly battles.

I've added this quick reference map showing the general attack positions, something I intend to expand on to make a 1 image guide to the entire adventure.
  • The two leader camps in Sector 3 can be skipped in favour of just destroying the Dark Castle but you wont get the maximum XP from the island and so I recommend taking them out if you have the time and troops.

Along with Witch of The Swamp it should be a staple XP farming map for any player. You will find this map rather often when you do short adventure searches and is fairly cheap to purchase from the trade system. 


Sector Enemy Attack With [vet]{MMA} Expected Losses
Move immediately to the entrance of Sector 3.  You can take out both Sector 1 Leader and start the assault on Sector 3 from here (see map).
Sector 1 20 Thug, 10 Dog

18R, 40S (or 40R, 160S) [190R, 60S]{20R,200S}

  • (Blocking option can be used to clear sector 1. Please read note below.)
15R [15R]{15R}
Skunk, 20 Thug, 20 Ranger, 20 Dog

40R, 160S (or 200R) [90R, 160S]{20R,200S}

  • (Please read note below)
33R [32R]{20R}

Sector 3


60 Cult, 20 Dark Priest 16R, 1S, 183C [12R, 18S, 220C]{7R,1S,212C} 15R [11R]{7R}
Move as far NWW as possible so your general is near the entrance to Sector 2.

Note you can skip the second 30 Pr,30 Sn camp, and just send 60R, 140S against 30 Cu, 20 Sn, 10 Dancer  -  this will take out both camps, saving you a few minutes for no extra loss.

If you have two generals, you can use block method to save even more time and losses. One way to do it is sending 19S to the first camp from position A, and send 40R, 160S to the leader camp from position B.
Sector 2 30 Cultist, 40 Dark Priest 5R, 1S, 194C [10R, 20S, 220C or 1S, 249C]{1S,219C} 4R [1R or 0]{0}
30 Priest, 30 Sneaker 32R, 168S{17R,203S} 32R{17R}
30 Cultist, 20 Sneak, 10 Dancer 27R, 173S{17R,203S} 26R{17R}
Church 40 Cult, 30 Priest, 20 Sneak, Witch

80R, 11M, 1S, 58C, 50LB [50R, 100C, 40LB, 60XB]{55R,10B,155XB}

Wave 1: 92R

Wave 2: {44R 176S} [121R 129S]

80R, 6M, 14C [45R, 12C]{54R,10B}



Sector 3 (Optional) 25 Cult, 25 Sneak, 10 Dancer, 30 Fan 545 xp 55R, 145S [70R, 180S]{39R,181S} 52R [52R]{39R}
30 Sneak, 50 Fan,  10 Dancer 620 xp 80R, 120S [90R, 160S]{47R,173S} 57R [57R]{47R}
Non-leader camp, 30 sneak, 40 priest 500 xp Clear leader camps for max xp reward

Defeating the two leader camps to the left and right of the dark castle is not required to complete the adventure. 

Final Boss Dark Castle 40 Priest, 40 Cult, 40 Sneaker, 1 DHP

[110R, 20LB, 120XB 1 Wave]

{71R,1S,20B,128XB 1 Wave}

Wave 1: 134R

Wave 2: 23R 1S 176LB or 200XB

{23R, 1S, 196LB}or{220XB}

[83R, 11LB]


W1: 134R

W2: 23R


Total Expected Losses

467R, 6M, 14C [245R, 11LB, 12C]


Video Guides

The Dark Priest lvl36+, 1 BH General, 2 Blocks 

The Dark Priest lvl36 , 1 BH General, 2 Blocks 06:48

The Dark Priest lvl36 , 1 BH General, 2 Blocks


  • Note: A player can use the blocking technique on the first camp (either type A or B) to allow second general to kill leader camp. By doing so, you will save between 14R-15R (using block A and B respectively):

Block A) - You will need to place your generals as can be seen in the picture. Once both generals are ready to attack (units assigned: general A with 1R and general B with 40R+160S or 200R), attack camp A (20thug and 10 Dogs) with general A. Wait for 5 - 7 seconds and then immediately send general B to attack camp B (Skunk, 20 Thug, 20 Ranger, 20 Dog).

DP block placement

Block B) - Use the same placement as block A, but you MUST' use a normal general as general A, 'and veteran general as general B. Unit assignments are:

General A: 18R 40S -> camp A 20 Thug, 10 Dog

General B: 90R 160S -> Skunk, 20 Thug, 20 Ranger, 20 Dog

Send general A to camp A, wait 5- 7 seconds and then immediately send general B. What should happen is that your general A will battle camp A before general B get intercepted. This will allow general B (your veteran general) to attack directly to leader camp, and destroy the camp before general A kills camp A. The result would be both camps will be destroyed and sector 1 cleared, with general A and his units left untouched. (No unit lost nor injured general).

Other Guides

Minion79's Crossbow Map
Minion79 has created a great map which shows troop numbers to use for each camp when using a Veteran with Crossbows.
Dark Priests Map Crossbow


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