Settlers Sectors Map

Garrison Explanation: Example: [100R + 75B (49R)] This mean you send in 100 Recruits + 75 Bowman and the maximal loses are 49 Recruits.

Example: [1: 100C 2: 200R 3: 130R 70B (350R)] Each number (in this case 1:/2:/3: ) stands for a wave. which means in wave one and two in this case your general dies. FAQ:

Q: Will I lose exp if I skip camps?

A: Once the leader is killed you also get all the exp from the remaining camps that disappear. You do however miss out on a bit of loot.

Q: Can I retreat my general? A: If your general is still moving on the map then yes you can. Click on the garrison of the general and click the Retreat button.

Q: How do I move my general to X location? A: Click on the Garrison of your general and click on Transfer.

Q: What are those red squared around all the camps? A: This is the influence zone of a camp. if you go through this you will be drawn to that camp to fight. This also means your general can be intercepted before it reaches the desired camp.

Q: Can I send other setups than the ones you posted? A: You sure can but always be sure you only lose Recruits in the fight. Unless it's a Leader

Q: Are there any good combat calculators out there?

A: The one I found most accurate is Combat Simulator

Q: How does the Combat System work?

A: Sparkz has written an excellent guide about this which you can find here: Combat System By Sparkz

Q: I am closing in on the last zone? Is this the end?

A: Once you reach level 26 you get the ability to do Adventures. BB_Azariel has written a beginners guide and SidV is currently writing guides on each Adventure so be sure to check it out for some good info. Link for Beginner guide is here: BB_Azariel - Adventure Beginner Guide And for SidV's walkthroughs the link is here: SidV's Adventure Journal

Q: How much EXP does unit X give?

A: Silvanoshei has written a guide on how much exp you need for each level and what each unit gives. Link is here: Silvanoshei Exp Needed to level

Q: Why are you using mostly recruits?

A: They are cheap and build quickly. If you have some special units be sure to send them only when your sure they will not die. Always use the calculator.

Q: Do enemies respawn? A: Enemy units do not respawn once killed. Bosses do recover their health if he still has HP left and your general dies.

Q: Can I get faster settlers besides waiting 15m or gems? A: You can turn 25 Bread into 1 Settler in the Provision House.

Q: WTF the retreat button on my garrison is Grey, I can't push it.

A: You can only retreat if your general is moving on the map, not while fighting. Also when a general comes out of a camp and you have your garrison already open, the window will not update, so be sure to click the garrison when your general is moving on the map.

Zone 2

You get zone 1 and 4 for free so we can skip those. Our first zone to take over is zone 2. Since it's the easiest zone. There is only one camp and then you can kill the leader. Garrison:

Easy Camp (6 Scavenger) [10R (3R)]

Bandit Leader (12 Scavenger) [25R (6R)]

Camp Loot Possibilities:

Coins x ??

Marble x ?? Zone 5 Next zone is in the middle of the map zone 5 and is already a lot bigger then your first zone. on the picture below you can see where to place your barracks and what camps to attack.

Sector 5
Garrison: Fastest Route
  1. Easy Camp (10 Scavenger) [17R (5R)] with the new routing you will be intercepted by camp A
  2. Easy Camp (15 Scavenger) [31R (7R)]
  3. Easy Camp (18 Scavenger) [34R (9R)]
  4. Easy Camp (25 Scavenger) [25R & 20B (12R)]
  5. Easy Camp (15 Scavenger + 20 Stone Thrower) [26R & 26B (25R)]

    Note: Now comes the tricky part seeing we skipped a camp. if we attack camp 6 directly we will get intercepted. So attack the bandit leader so you will get intercepted by camp 6. Right after Camp 6 is cleared open up your garrison and click retreat. else your general will go onto the Leader.
  6. Easy Camp (20 Scavenger + 20 Stone Thrower) [32R & 26B (27R)]
  7. Bandit Leader (30 Scavenger + 20 Stone Thrower) [45R & 32B (33R)]

Garrison: Skipped Camps

Easy Camp (6 Scavenger ) [?R (?R)]

Easy Camp (? Scavenger ) [?R (?R)]

Easy Camp (? Scavenger ) [?R (?R)]

Camp Loot Possibilities:

Coins x 50

Tools x 100

Fir Wood Logs x 50

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