Chat Interface

The Chat Interface allows you to talk to other players


The Chat and Trade bar is your window to communicating and trading with the other players in The Settlers Online. Some tabs are there by default and some come with buildings. Your words are entered by positioning your cursor in the slot below the tabs, left clicking to establish your position, then typing your words, and, finally, hitting enter.

Colour Control

Butt colour

The Colour Control button turns off chat colours

The chat interface shows text in a number of different colours - these are:
Messages in Global, Help and Trade Chat
Usernames and Time in Global, Help and Trade Chat
Messages from Moderators
Messages from BB Staff
Guild Chat
Whisper Chat
News Channel

Some users find some of the above colours difficult to read, especially the whisper channel. A method was therefore introduced to the Test Server on 28th January 2014[1]. To the right of the chat is a small button which can switch all text to white, or back to colour.

Chat Tabs

In the Chat Window, there are a number of tabs that run along the bottom. You can click on these tabs to switch between each different chat.

Global Chat

The first tab is a general chat window and is something of a free for all. You can chat and say Hi in here and talk general talk. Note that requests for Trades and Help are discouraged as there are specific place for those things. Type /help to see a list of chat commands and visit our page with more Chat Commands and options to use.

There is a global chat for many different languages, the Chat Commands page shows what these are, and how to get there.


The place to ask for Help on any Settlers Online issue. the Tab is viewed by other users and typically it will be another general user who will answer your question or refer you to the answer.


The trade tab comes with exiting the tutorial and purchase of the Branch Office. It should be used for buying or selling resources, lootspots or buffs. See main Trade article for more information.


The Guild tab comes with the building of the Guild House and joining a Guild . Once joined this is a general chat tab open to anyone in the guild.


This tab is only available to Guild Leaders and Guild Officers. It is another guild chat, but can only be viewed by those who have been promoted to the rank of guild officer.


Whispers are PMs (Private Messages) you can send to any one by clicking on their name in chat or from your friends list and allows you to have quick and private discussions.

You can also use whisper by typing the following in any chat window:

/whisper (username) (message)
/w (username) (message)

Using the chat command will jump you to the chat tab, and open a whisper channel to the person specified.

When using the whisper tab, you can click on different usernames to see your private channel to that person.


The News tab is a scrolling list of game events. Events like new mail, exhausted resources and buffs are recorded but at this time it has a number of limitations.

  • Buffs fail to mention the person, building or buff type used.
  • No events are recorded for your island while you are away from it on an Adventure or visiting a friend.


  1. Test Server Forums: Changelog - 28th Jan 2014