Camps make up the vast majority of the enemies you will be attacking. While the visual style of the camp will vary with the asthetics of the map (tents in deserts, wooden forts in forests, etc) they all work the same way.

They are rated Easy, Medium and Hard which indicates how tough the troops inside are likely to be.

  • Easy: Can be cleared with few troops and is forgiving.
  • Medium: Requires more/higher level troops and increased losses.
  • Hard: Camp will deal high damage and might req. multiple attacks.

Regular camps have an Area of Effect that draws in passing General 's (assuming you are not intending to attack the camp) that can be both useful in tactical play and devastating when it catches you unawares.


These buildings sometimes support the bigger corrals that surround several small grouped camps and leader camps. They usaully come in pairs and come in two types:

  1. Watchtower: Ranged attack emplacement
  2. Fortified Watchtower: Stronger ranged attack emplacement

They will often have archers embedded and can often be destroyed for little to no loss using Cavalry.

The Fortified version is a lot tougher to break and can take several minutes worth of attack before falling.

Leader Camps

There is a special kind of camp as well... the Leader Camp that these regular ones are protecting.It has no area of effect and if destroyed it wipes out all the regular camps in the sector, giving you the full XP for those destoyed camps.

See the Leader Camp Article for more details.

Note: when clearing Your Island hitting the Leaders Camp to clear the Sector gives you the full XP but you dont get the possible individual rewards you get from taking out each camp directly.

Easy Camp Medium Camp Hard Camp
Camp6 Camp Camp2
Watchtower Fortified Watchtower
Camp3 Camp4

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