The Build Menu is a toolbox of buildings and related buttons to help you build your structures and develop your island settlement.

Building a Structure


Building Toolbox

To Build a building you need to be the appropriate level or higher, have the correct resources and space to place it. Unavailable buildings are dulled out and state in their window what level you need to be to place it.

If you have the right amount of building materials the building will light up as you pass the mouse over it.

Click on a building and then move the mouse over the landscape. Any location that can accommodate the building will be highlighted once the building is over it and the building itself will light up over a suitable location.

If you choose not to build you can click the "Cancel Action" button that appears top center of your game window.

Locating and Proximity


A path will be drawn in little green studs from the nearest Storehouse to the proposed location of the new building and a time stamp apepars over the plot.

The Path and Time show how far from the nearest Storehouse the building is and the time it will take the proprieter of the new building to get resources from the store and deliver his crafted output back to it.

This ties into the Proximity Bonus Effect you can read more about in the article for it.

Clicking will place the building in the build queue and await processing.


To Demolish a structure you select the last tab "The Toolbox" in your Build Menu and click Demolish, then click the structure desired. A confirmation will appear and on pressing OK the building will dismantle with a small percentage of the building materials used being recovered.

A useful early game tatic is to demolish Wheatfields as the get down to 1 Wheat left to recover the 20% of the building materials. The same works for Waterwells.

Unable to Build

Buildings can be shaded out for several reasons. Mousing over them will reveal why:

If you don't have enough resources to build the structure the building will still be added to the Build Queue where it will wait until resources become available.


The Toolbox menu is where you make and remove roads as well as demolish buildings
  • Build Street: laydown cosmetic road systems.
  • Remove Street: remove sections of roadway.
  • Demolish Buildings: Demolish a selected building.


On the top of the menu window is drawing pin that when pressed stops the menu dissapearing when you select a building. This is most useful when placing lots of buildings at once, such as replenshing Wheatfields when you first log in. When pinned other menus can be opened but no interfaced with until the pinned menu is unpinned.

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