• WrathOf

    Template Testing

    January 13, 2015 by WrathOf

    GeneralBgColor Template Test

    Normal General (max. 200 troops)
    Master of Martial Arts (max. 220 troops, attack bonus)
    General Log (max. 220 troops)
    Veteran General (max. 250 troops)
    Major General (max. 270 troops)
    Battle-Hardened General (max. 200 troops)
    Unknown General (max. ??? troops) Read more >
  • Hamoidar

    Powerful Gold Production

    August 13, 2014 by Hamoidar

    Gold Production can seem daunting to many players, but it can be a powerful tool when used correctly.

    The first thing to learn is the effect of buffs on different level buildings. For instance, a level 5 building (when buffed) will use the buff more effeciently than a level 1 building. This is because the buff affects 5 resources per cycle, instead of 1.

    Ideally, you want each of your gold production buildings (mines, smelters, and coinages) to be level 5, in order to maximize your buffs. Never run any gold building unbuffed, as this is a waste of resources, since unbuffed gold production chains only produce 1 coin for every 8 gold ore inputed. However, by keeping all gold production buildings buffed with x2 buffs, you can keep the ratio at …

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  • King Oskar

    I have barely see any edit here by any other than me.

    I added a Grout page, because it's already in game for a few weeks and NO ONE ever bothered to add info about it.

    So I add as much info I could (3 lines by the way, weak, I know)

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  • Quaeldorn

    Wikia Login

    July 6, 2014 by Quaeldorn

    I enjoy another MMORPG and the wikia for that doesnt require login for edits. As a result, there are pages on absolutely every aspect (in fact im sure that people race to create pages when new content is introduced!!), regularly updated and its a solid and entirely comprehensive guide on any and every aspect of the game.

    To the contrary, TSO wikia edits are by login only and so, not only is info rather limited, entire pages (for perhaps common items) are missing and to say that this wikia is a good game guide is.. I hate to say it, mediocre at best.

    Radical idea - open edits so you dont have to log in. Yes its a bigger job for wikia moderators regarding vandalism, however the benefits would be massive as updates would be unhindered. Even if …

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  • Asiastrings

    Co-Op Adventures

    May 14, 2014 by Asiastrings


    These are the actual guides...

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  • Jamdog


    January 13, 2014 by Jamdog

    I have just created a nice Breadcrumb template which may be used on pages where you think users may wish to go back to a 'Parent' page.

    For example, the 'Store' page links to several sub-pages, one for each tab in the Merchant Chest.

    I have added the breadcrumb to the top of the 'Store Black Market' page, to enable users to go back to the Store page easily.  I will add this to the rest of the Store pages when I get a chance (or if anyone is reading this in a few days and find it's not done yet, I may have forgotten - feel free to do it yourself if you wish).

    The usage is simple, you just list the pages you wish in the breadcrumb in the correct order.  The template currently allows up to 5 pages, but could be easily expanded if necessary...

    As …

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  • Jamdog

    I've just made 2 new templates for use with adventure pages.

    These are  and , to simply show the number of players for an adventure, and the difficulty of the adventure.

    To use them, just put a number in the template, like


    I'm personally not sure about the number on the end - the colour and the font aren't quite right, but not gonna worry about changing them now - there's other stuff to be getting on with. If anyone thinks they can improve on the images, feel free to edit or , but note that each 'image part' is 25 pixels high, and if you change the main image size, you'll need to adjust the template too.

       Jamdog »Talk Page« 17:06,1/12/2014 

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  • Denbruk3r

    I wish there was snow outside my window too!

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  • Jamdog

    New Templates

    January 4, 2014 by Jamdog

    Over recent week,s I have added the following templates:

    - Infobox template for the top of Buff info pages
    - CSS-based Sprite/Icon template
    - Template to create a link to the buff page (with icon)
    - Footer for the bottom of Buff info pages, with links to all other pages.

    These work in the same way as the similar templates for adventures, resources and troops.

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  • Scillman


    December 12, 2013 by Scillman

    Dear reader,

    As you may have noticed I have been pretty inactive. This is due to the fact that I am really busy. This will continue for at least the remaining of 2013. So hereby I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    I hope to have some time when the new year starts. After which I hope I can continue on the Buildings List =D

    Scillman (talk) 20:44, December 12, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Scillman

    Currently I added the Movement template(Which basicly is a copy pasted one from my earlier upgrades template!) and are working on the summary template. Hope you guys like it when I am done!



    Scillman (talk) 16:25, November 21, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Scillman

    Photos Housekeeping

    November 17, 2013 by Scillman

    I added all the building images to the Buildings category. Beware that some links may be broken as I did not preserve links towards nearly all old images. However you can now easily find them by going to the Buildings Category page!

    In the future I hope to rename nearly all the building files so I can create a global convention between them. This makes it easier to use as you do not have to search for images but rather just type the name of the building for example.

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  • Scillman

    Yesterday Templates

    November 12, 2013 by Scillman

    Yesterday I modified the ResSprite/pos template and added two new templates: Resource and Upgrades. These should be used for convenience and consistency between pages. (Be warned I still have to create documentation!)

    I have done this to create the Upgrades template. This makes consistency between pages easier and has already proofed to me to be easy in use and easy to edit by people with minimal knowledge.


    • This is the upgrades table. Which contains lvl2-5 (See: Template:Upgrades for more info!)
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  • Scillman

    I just added a detailed image of the Horseback Adventure. I hope you guys like it and use it to make more detailed plans for attacking hostile camps.

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  • Jamdog

    More templates

    July 23, 2013 by Jamdog

    There are a few new templates I've created over the last few days - hope anyone editing this wiki finds them useful.

    Template:TroopSprite Displays a mini-sprite for a Troop or Bandit
    Template:Troops Used in guides to show troop numbers for attacks and in camps
    Template:TroopFooter Used at the bottom of bandit/troop info pages for links to others
    Template:AltPage Used at the top of pages with ambiguous names, put's "Did you mean...?"

    These troops templates all use the image, which contains all the mini icons. See the pages listed above for usage on each of the templates.

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  • Jamdog

    Bandit template

    April 10, 2013 by Jamdog

    I've just created another handy template for use with adventure pages.  This one is specifically for the list of Bandits that can be found on an adventure.

    It places an image of the Bandit (in a 81x73px box), which is linked to the page about that particular Bandit.

    For example:


    For more info, read the Bandit Template Page.

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  • Jamdog

    Quick currency prices

    March 31, 2013 by Jamdog

    I've added a few quick 'n' easy tags for putting currency prices and build costs, for example:

    Code Result

    Please note that these work great when used alone, but putting them together seems to cause problems when in a table:

    Code Result

    Not sure what's causing this, but will continue fiddling, or possible ask people who know more wiki-code than I do...

    The way to get around this seems to be to do final one in each cell using these easy shortcuts, but revert to the slightly more long-winded method for the rest, so using the same 3 examples above:

    Code Result
    5 100 Read more >
  • Jamdog

    New tags for the Wiki

    March 25, 2013 by Jamdog

    Following on from the adventure icon tags I added, I have just added resource icon tags too.

    To use them look at the following examples:

    Code Result

    These can be used anywhere around the wiki, and saves having upload lots of tiny little pictures, and then remember the exact filename for each one. As you can see above, the icon 'name' is pretty flexible, but if I missed any, then just add to the lists which are found at:

    Adventure Sprites List: Template:AdvSprite/pos

    Resource Sprites List: Template:ResSprite/pos

    To add new icons, download the icon CSS images, edit them, then re-upload. These MUST be 240x240 pixels, with 10x10 icons, each 24x24 pixels in size. Unused icons have red guides at the corners to show where new images should go.


    Read more >
  • Jamdog


    March 23, 2013 by Jamdog

    It's been over a year since I last edited a wiki page, but when I stumbled on this wiki a couple of days ago, I knew I'd found somewhere I'd like to help update.

    I'm of the firm belief that Wiki's should be as informative as possible, illustrated with the occasional image, and for game wiki's, in-game icons should be used where possible, as this aids the viewer.

    I therefore decicated my first day here to putting a number of 'tool' templates in place, then adding the 'footer' template that uses them, as an example.  Yesterday, I added:

    • template:Sprite: used by other templates to show a mini-sprite
    • template:Sprite/pos: used by the Sprite template to calculate which sprite to show
    • template:AdvSprite/pos: converts adventure name to position number. …
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  • Eschware

    I started to put together some production chains to offer efficient resource handling. I created a page to maintain all of the production chains and will begin to post them soon. Some of them are already in the Wiki on some of the building pages. I wanted to provide a full list, kind of one-stop shopping, for all of the production chains that other players have developed and find useful.

    I have to say thanks to everyone on the Wiki who has posted Production Chains already, as they provided the ground work for many of the Production Chains I have developed.

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  • MrNash

    Getting things started

    August 11, 2012 by MrNash

    Getting things whipped into shape.

    Formatting, spell check, etc.

    Read more >

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