Blocking uses a tactic to stop an area of effect of a camp that covers a target camp from ambushing your army. This tactic can be used on many Adventures but is most handy on the Horseback Adventure.


  1. Blocking
    You want to attack Leader Camp A to clear a sector but camp B's Area of Effect covers the entance of camp A.
  2. Set Army 1 near camp B with 1 Recuit (1 Bowman and/or 1 Militia can be added to give a little extra time).
  3. Set Army 2 with your attack force near Camp A.
  4. Send Army 1 to attack Camp B and time how long it takes to reach the  camp entrance but retreat before entering the camp.
  5. Now Send Army 2 to attack Camp A and time it's travel to the edge of Camp B's area of effect.
  6. The ultimate aim here is for Army 1 to enter Camp B and disappear inside and the dustcloud fight appear just as Army 2 enters Camp B's area of effect.
  7. If your timing is off Retreat Army 1 first and then Army 2.

This is very tricky to time, and server lag really messes with things. You can even apparently fail only for a few seconds later the screen jump and find you succeeded.

Useful Tips

It is worth noting that it is better to use a standard general (not a Battle Hardened or Gem purchased General) to block with as they actually give you a longer window in which to hit your target positions (even though if you fail their recovery times are double that of a special general).

Attacking with a blocking army of 1 Recruit, 1 Bowman & 1 Militia seems to give you a small extra to your attack/block window but of course if you blow it you loose 3 troops and not just one if you use the single Recruit.

The downside of this tactic of course is when successful you have at least 1 General wounded and when it doesn't and you fail to retreat you still have a wounded general and your timing all messed up as you cant move his garrison to try with another one.

Video Examples

Probably the best way to understand the issues is to view these youtube videos people created as examples of how a successful attack is planned and executed: Video1 , Video 2 & Video 3.

Timeframes for a single battle

The battle can be split up into three parts...

1) The time from the moment when the general disappears till the time when the battle starts
Regardless of the type of general this is always 5 seconds.
Part of those 5 seconds is probably the 3.3 seconds it takes for the general to walk to the center of the camp.
The remaining (or preceeding) 1.7 seconds may well be the time that has to elapse till the camp is considered busy engaging the attackers.
If another general is walking into the same camp's influence area after those 1.7 seconds, that general will not be intercepted.

2) The time for the battle itself
This is dependent on the number of rounds, but is independent on the number of phases (first strike, normal and last strike units).

  • For a fast general (bhg or veteran) this is 10 seconds per round of fighting
  • For a normal general this is 20 seconds per round of fighting

3) The time for the countdown if you are victorious
This is the part where the camp starts smoking and the countdown bar is going from green to red.
This part only occurs if you're winning the battle. If you lost, the time for this part is 0 seconds.
The duration of this part is likewise dependent on the type of general.
However, in addition to that, it is also dependent on the type of camp:

  • For a fast general killing a trap it is 10 (2+8) seconds
  • For a normal general killing a trap it is 20 (4+16) seconds
  • For a fast general killing a camp it is 20 (2+18) seconds
  • For a normal general killing a camp it is 40 (4+36) seconds
  • For a fast general killing a watch tower it is 80 (2+78) seconds
  • For a normal general killing a watch tower it is 160 (4+156) seconds
  • For a fast general killing a fortified watch tower it is 120 (2+118) seconds
  • For a normal general killing a fortified watch tower it is 240 (4+236) seconds

The countdown will visually not start until 4 seconds (2 seconds for a fast general) have elapsed.
That is the time indicated in brackets above.

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