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Adventure List

This is a list of Adventures with "how to" guides on how best to complete each of the islands with the fewest possible losses.

If you're lacking a certain adventure, you can use an Explorer to Find Adventures or buy them for Map Fragments in the shop.

The Table shows the Name, Number of players who can collaborate on the adventure, Days you have to complete the task, the difficulty of the map, the maximum possible XP gain, the Troops needed for a standard 3 general attack and what type of reward you should expect.

Train all troops required prior to starting an adventure.

Bounty Hunter is a limited quest adventure uses 80C 

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff. Max XP Troops Required Type
The lost skull2 The Lost Skull Co-op playersCSS 2 2 3320 340R / 40M / 180C / 100S Misc
Adv sleepyreef Sleepy Reef Co-op playersCSS ½ 4 439R / 217C / 183E
Adv piratelife Pirate Life Co-op playersCSS 6 312R / 5M / 176C / 63S / 90XB / 211E
Tropical sun2 Tropical Sun Co-op playersCSS 2 3 3600 314R 200C 162S 73LB
Adv sleepingvolcano The Sleeping Volcano Co-op playersCSS ½ 3 312R / 244C / 168E
Traitors2 Traitors Co-op playersCSS 3 4 8,710 1,246R / 195C / 102S / 114LB XP
Witch of the swamp2 Witch of The Swamp Co-op playersCSS 2 3 5,663 633R / 194C / 155S / 90B / 65LB
Horseback2 Horseback Co-op playersCSS 2 2 7,230 260R / 152S / 260B / 94LB
Stealing from the rich2 Stealing from the Rich Co-op playersCSS 4 4 11,870

1052R, 200C, 188S

The dark priests2 Dark Priests Co-op playersCSS 2 3 5,975 459R, 218C, 183S, 11M, 137LB
Sons of the veld2 Sons of the Veld Co-op playersCSS 8 6 33,440 3,938R, 129M, 192S, 150LB, 420C
The nords2 The Nords Co-op playersCSS 8 6 27,530 650R, 350M, 200C, 150LB
The Nords (250 General+XB) Co-op playersCSS 8 6 27,530 118R, 80M, 28S, 110C, 63B, 250XB
Surprise attack2 Surprise Attack (250 General+XB) Co-op playersCSS 4 6 41,820 608R, 543M, 40S, 120C, 184XB
Gunpowder2 Gunpowder Co-op playersCSS 4 5 37,785
Island of the pirates2 Island of The Pirates Co-op playersCSS 2 3 2,752 590R, 192C, 178S, 40LB Res
Outlaws2 Outlaws Co-op playersCSS 4 4 14,020 1,540R, 208S, 189C, 150LB
Bandit nest2 Bandit Nest Co-op playersCSS 2 5 9,880 1100R, 100S, 200C, 100M, 100XB, 150Co
Wild mary2 Wild Mary Co-op playersCSS 2.5 7 19,290 2,060R, 285M, 105S, 510C, 186XB
Victor the vicious2 Victor the Vicious Co-op playersCSS 8 8 27,482 1420R 199C 209S 212M 189XB 7E
Motherly love2 Motherly Love Co-op playersCSS 2 7 3,030 267R, 186S, 20E, 100B, 356C, 90LB/101XB Followup
Old friends2 Old Friends Co-op playersCSS 2 4 6,810 705R, 100M, 120LB, 75C
Adv more secluded2 More Secluded Experiments Co-op playersCSS 10 7 28,900
Adv return2bandit nest2 Return to Bandit Nest Co-op playersCSS 10 5 12,210
Roaring bull2 Roaring Bull Co-op playersCSS 5 9 37,580 Epic
Secluded experiments2 Secluded Experiments Co-op playersCSS 10 9 39,935
The black knights2 The Black Knights Co-op playersCSS 8 9 28,175
The dark brotherhood2 The Dark Brotherhood Co-op playersCSS 8 9 51,978

Fairytale Adventures

As of August 8th, 2013, there is a new adventure chain with 'fairytale adventures'. Starting with The Valiant Little Tailor for 76.790 XP, they are hard (level 8-10) and only available to Level 42 and up players. For players of Level 50, XP are replaced by Star Coins or Magic Beans.

The Fairytale adventures are:

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff. Max XP Troops Required Type
Fairytale adv 1 The Valiant Little Tailor Co-op playersCSS 10 8 76,960 Fairytale Adventures
Fairytale adv 2 The Clever Little Tailor Co-op playersCSS 12 9 80,402
Fairytale adv 3 The Heroic Little Tailor Co-op playersCSS 12 10 91,090
Fairytale adv 4 The Sons of the Little Tailor Co-op playersCSS 12 9 82,958
Fairytale adv 5 The Betrayed Little Tailor Co-op playersCSS 12 10 82,520

Co-operative Adventures

Co-operative adventures were introduced to the Test Server on Wednesday 8th January 2013, and are designed to be played by several players working together.

  • Each cooperative adventure has a goal to destroy all enemies on the map and fulfill requirements of respective quests. In addition to the main goal, you may also encounter optional side quests.
  • A cooperative adventure can only be cancelled by the player who started it. If the adventure is cancelled, all the players involved are moved back from the adventure map to their home islands and they receive Experience Points or Star Coins (50 level players) based on their contribution (i.e. defeated units). In case of a cancellation, the end reward will not be provided.
  • All adventures of this type have a certain number of players that are required to actively participate in the challenge. The map is prepared in a special way (each participant has a separate spawn location), so all required players need to be involved in order to complete it. 
  • Cooperative adventures start from level 26 and can be obtained in many ways: adventure searches (explorers), trading with other players and from the in-game Shop.
Icon Adventure Players Days Diff. Max XP
Adv co-op-1 The Siege Co-op playersCSS 4 days 4
Adv co-op-2 The Buccaneer Roundup Co-op playersCSS 4 days 6
Adv co-op-3 Raiding the Raiders Co-op playersCSS 4 days 6
Adv co-op-4 Lakeside Treasure Co-op playersCSS 4 days 4
Adv co-op-5 Tomb Raiders Co-op playersCSS 4 days 7
Adv co-op-6 Whirlwind Co-op playersCSS 4 days 8

Christmas Adventures

These quests became available during the Christmas Event. The Save the Christmas Feast adventure was available during Christmas 2011, 2012 and 2013.  The End of the World was a special event that appeared during the Christmas Event 2012.  The Stolen Sleigh is a Christmas Adventure which became available at the start of the Christmas Event 2013.  More Secluded Experiments and Return to Bandit Nest also became available for Presents in the Merchant Chest at the start of the Christmas Event 2013, but became normal Follow-Up Adventures after the event.

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff. Max XP Troops Required Type
Save the christmas feast2 Save the Christmas Feast Co-op playersCSS 2 0-2 4809 Various XP
Adv stolen sleigh2 The Stolen Sleigh Co-op playersCSS 2 5 Various XP
Eotw2 The End of the World Co-op playersCSS 815R, 220B, 142S, 172XB XP

Easter Adventures

Main article: Easter Adventures These adventures became available during the Easter Event in 2013. They differed a little from the 2012 Easter adventures, in that the maps were different, and the adventure names were changed, but the same icons were re-used. In 2014, Garrun the Trapper was added, a real adventure.

All of these adventures (except Garrun) require that you find 10 Easter Eggs, and so do not require any troops.

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff.
Ee new egg hunt2 A New Egg Hunt Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 5
Ee hunting eggs2 Hunting Eggs Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 4
Ee lost easter eggs2 Lost Easter Eggs Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 4
Ee picasso2 Nearly a Picasso Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 5
Ee sabotage2 Sabotage Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 4
Ee cousins island2 The Cousin's Island Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 5
Ee egg hunt begins2 The Egg Hunt Begins Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 4
Ee egg hunt continues2 The Egg Hunt Continues Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 5
Ee garrun2 Garrun the Trapper Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 4

Anniversary Adventure

During the Anniversary Event, seven new adventures, of two distinct types became available. These were two 'Military' adventures, and five 'Search' adventures, with each map having a retro-style appearance.

Military Adventures

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff.
Anniversary military01 The Shaman Co-op playersCSS 3 days 6
Anniversary military02 Old Ruins Co-op playersCSS 3 days 4

Search Adventures

Icon Adventure Players Days Diff.
Anniversary retro01 A New Experience Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 1
Anniversary retro02 Hero Wanted Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 1
Anniversary retro03 The Jester's Map Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 1
Anniversary retro04 Nothing Special Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 1
Anniversary retro05 Retro Style Co-op playersCSS 2½ days 1

Adventure Difficulty

As a rough guide I would say you should view difficulties :

  • Level 26-40 : Difficultly 0-4
  • Level 42-50 : Difficulty 1-7
  • Level 50+ : Difficulty 1-9

Level 26 players will want to focus on the high gain to loss maps and those they can afford to build an army for: The Lost Skull, Horseback, Dark Priests, Stealing from the Rich, Island of the Pirates and The Nords.

Depending on your island setup you will find most of the level 5+ difficulty maps hard to do alone due to the massive numbers of troops you need to build and replenish until you can muster more formidable armies yourself.

Note: In my guides I tend to up the number of Soldiers, Cavalry, Elites, Cross/Longbowmen to allow for more streamlined attacking, eg You might only need 100 Soldiers to clear an island but if you take 101 Soldiers you can attack a camp that requires 100 Soliders and another that only requires 1 Solider at the same time. For the sake of 1 solider you dont have to juggle troops or wait for one attack to finish when you could be making two.

1 Player Adventures AdvCSS Bounty Hunter • AdvCSS The Lost Skull • AdvCSS The Island of the Pirates • AdvCSS Witch of the Swamp • AdvCSS Horseback • AdvCSS Traitors • AdvCSS Old Friends • AdvCSS Bandit Nest • AdvCSS Wild Mary (Adventure) • AdvCSS Tropical Sun • AdvCSS The Invasion of the Nords • AdvCSS Pirate Life • AdvCSS Sleepy Reef • AdvCSS The Sleeping Volcano
2 Player Adventures AdvCSS Dark Priests • AdvCSS Stealing from the Rich • AdvCSS Sons of the Veld • AdvCSS The Nords • AdvCSS Surprise Attack • AdvCSS Motherly Love
3 Player Adventures AdvCSS Gunpowder • AdvCSS Victor the Vicious • AdvCSS Roaring Bull • AdvCSS The Black Knights • AdvCSS The Dark Brotherhood • AdvCSS Secluded Experiments
Co-op Adventures AdvCSS The Siege • AdvCSS The Buccaneer Roundup • AdvCSS Raiding the Raiders • AdvCSS Lakeside Treasure • AdvCSS Tomb Raiders • AdvCSS Whirlwind
Epic Adventures AdvCSS The Valiant Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Clever Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Heroic Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Sons of the Little Tailor • AdvCSS The Betrayed Little Tailor
Event Adventures AdvCSS Save the Christmas Feast • AdvCSS The Stolen Sleigh • AdvCSS More Secluded Experiments • AdvCSS Return to Bandit Nest • AdvCSS The End of the World
Easter Event AdvCSS A New Egg Hunt • AdvCSS Hunting Eggs • AdvCSS Lost Easter Eggs • AdvCSS Nearly a Picasso • AdvCSS Sabotage • AdvCSS The Cousin's Island • AdvCSS The Egg Hunt Begins • AdvCSS The Egg Hunt Continues • AdvCSS Garrun the Trapper
20th Anniversary AdvCSS Old Ruins • AdvCSS The Shaman • AdvCSS A New Experience • AdvCSS Hero Wanted • AdvCSS The Jester's Map • AdvCSS Retro Style • AdvCSS Nothing Special
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