Here we go

Hi folks! The Bounty Hunter adventure is maybe the first adventure that you will play. You get it with lvl26 and it's the tutorial adventure.

It's A very easy to play and you could finish it in 1-2 hours with only one general.

Adventure Info:

Player Level: 26+
Difficulty: 1/10
Number of Players: 1
Duration: 3 days
Experience Points: 202
Where to get?: Level 26 reward and you can buy a 2nd one from the store for 10 fish
'Reward (XP 202)

Tactical Map

Bounty hunter

Garrison Settings

Units needed: 80C is the cheapest way (no loses).

You could also use 100R if you have no C at this time. Units lost: 0 or some R

  1. 10 Scavenger [80C]
  2. 5 Scavenger [80C]
  3. 10 Scavenger [80C]
  4. 6 Scavenger, 6 Stone Thrower [80C]
  5. 15 Scavenger [80C]


Possable Rewards

R = Recruits
C = Cavalry

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