A Wall of Swords
General Information
Type: Guild Quest
Guild Size: 21 - 35 Members


A Wall of Swords is a Guild Quest, which is available to all members of a guild which has a total of between 21 and 35 members inclusive.

Guild quests need to be completed by around 75% of the members of the guild, with each member completing a different subquest depending on their level.


10-18 ResCSS 3 ResCSS 21
19-25 ResCSS 5 ResCSS 35
26-35 ResCSS 7 ResCSS 49
36-45 ResCSS 9 ResCSS 63
46-50 ResCSS 11 ResCSS 77

Rewards from guild quests are provided as Guild Coins.

When each guild member completes their own individual subquest, they will receive the subquest reward.

The main Guild Quest requires that a certain number of guild members complete their own subquest. When this number has been reached, then all guild members will receive the greater reward for Quest Completion.

The number of Guild Coins received for both the subquest and the main Guild Quest, is dependent on the level of the individual guild member. The table on the right shows the rewards for each level range.


As for any guild quest, the sub-quest and requirements vary, depending on the level of the guild member who is completing it. The table below shows the subquest and requirements for each level range.

Sub-quest Level Range Requirements
The Bottom of the Wall 10-18
The Top of the Wall 19-25
The Best Forge 26-35
The Iron Maiden 26-35
The Steel Panther 36-45
The Steel Rims 46-50

First a forest

In order to increase the island's wildlife, we need to have more tress so the animals can hide and feel safe. We need our foresters to come up with their best seeds! Let's send them some sausages as a thank you gift!

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